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01/15/2023 13:47
The most comfortable cars in 2023

A car with a powerful suspension and sports seats hugging the body may seem very funny, and so it is. However, sometimes all you need is something that will gently and comfortably take you home from the office or go somewhere with your family. Based on this, here is a list of the most comfortable cars available for sale today.

12/10/2022 12:54
How to invest in luxury real estate?

Earnings in the luxury real estate market have always been attractive to investors. Such objects grow significantly in price every year. In addition, the interest from tenants and buyers is quite stable.

11/30/2022 07:05
Mistakes when investing in real estate and how to avoid them

Trying to pay cash for all your various sources of debt at the same time can be tempting. However, not all debt is created equally. Certain types of debt come with other benefits they don't have – such as tax deductibility.

11/30/2022 06:44
5 parts in the car that are changed by motorists themselves in order to save money

Every citizen of Kazakhstan can independently carry out maintenance and repair of his car, but not in all cases. Some procedures can be performed even by people who do not understand the technical device of the car at all. I will tell you about what tasks we are talking about in this new material.

11/29/2022 09:49
Payment for premium ads in Kazakhstan.

Payment for premium ads in Kazakhstan is available.

09/23/2022 09:30
News for Kazakhstanis who want to solve the housing issue

The latest news from Kazakhstan gives reason for joy to certain categories of citizens standing in line for housing. Back in mid-June, it became known about the launch of a joint project, initiated by the "daughter" of the Baiterek holding JSC Otbasy Bank with the participation of the state corporation "Government for Citizens."

08/07/2022 14:15