Goods for the disabled

Коляска инвалидная Старт в упаковке Almaty
50 000 ₸
Wheelchair Start in packing
Инвалидное кресло Almaty
55 000 ₸
We sell a wheelchair, shipment at own expense from the center of Almaty
Коляска комнатная инвалидная Astana
80 000 ₸
If you need a wheelchair, we can order directly from the site, whichever you want, pay in cash,...
Кровать для инвалидов Ekibastuz 3
150 000 ₸
The bed is in good condition, a special mattress makes life very easy for both a sick person and...
Кровать медицинская "KZMED" (б/у) Almaty
420 000 ₸
I will sell the medical electric bed equipped with the hybrid drive. Back ABC. + Mattress...
Продам откидной поручень для инвалидов в санузел Astana 2
40 000 ₸
I will sell a new folding handrail for the disabled in the bathroom. Price 55000 t Negotiable for...
Продам стул туалет Semey 4
40 000 ₸
I will sell a chair - a toilet with adjustable legs. Used for a short time, in good condition....
Продам очиститель для кожи Гермес Almaty 2
600 ₸
I will sell a skin cleaner stotoplast for the disabled and the elderly stotoplast 12 bottles made...
Продам инвалидную коляску. Жарсуат 5
80 000 ₸
Walking wheelchair for sale. New in packaging. Size 45, orthopedic mattress.
Продам ходунки для инвалидов Жарсуат 2
15 000 ₸
For sale walkers for the disabled in the package. Did not use. Folding without wheels.
Памперсы для взрослых Almaty 5
7 000 ₸
Good afternoon ! Sell diapers for adults, for all questions call 87071575928
Новые Туторы (Размер S, L, M) (Ортез для коленного сустава) Astana 3
15 000 ₸
New splints (Orthosis, fixator for the knee joint) Sizes: For height from 150cm to 200cm Size L,...
Продам кресло инвалидная санитарным оснащением Жарсуат 3
25 000 ₸
Gray wheelchair with sanitary equipment for sale. New in packaging.
Продаётся слуховой аппарат Karagandy 5
25 000 ₸
Children's hearing aids for sale. Hearing aid for the left ear. In a good condition. Made in...
Бандаж плечевой недорого! Pavlodar
8 000 ₸
I will sell a bandage fixing the shoulder joint. Selling due to uselessness. Eastern district. I...
Продается кресло инвалидное Oral
35 000 ₸
Wheelchair for sale, foldable, removable stands. In great condition. Contact for all questions by...
Продам трость 3
6 000 ₸
Urgently new cane satylada 6000tg District nurCity
Памперсы для взрослых 2
7 000 ₸
Pampers for adults in a pack of 30 pcs. Price 7000t per package. There will be a discount if you...
Продается памперсы Temirtau 5
5 000 ₸
I will sell adult diapers in size L and diapers for 90 * 60 Call 87714464078 I will sell adult...
Насадка на унитаз для инвалидов Petropavlovsk 3
7 000 ₸
Selling a toilet seat for the elderly/disabled. The condition is perfect. Was in use for a week....