Equipment for beauty salons

Утюжок для процедур кератинового выпрямления и ботокса волос Kostanay
24 000 ₸
, Bb One Technology, with mirrored titanium plates. Temperature range from 140 to 240 degrees....
Продам детское парикмахерское кресло Almaty 4
40 000 ₸
I will sell a children's hairdresser's chair. Good condition. There are a couple of scratches....
Стерилизато для инструментов + подарок Almaty 8
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3 500 ₸
Ball sterilizer, packed, for manicure and pedicure tools. New. I am located near the ADK shopping...
Сухожар для обработки инструментов Aqtau
12 000 ₸
Sold dryer, used, in good condition. I'm selling because I bought a big stskhozhar.
Прода болванку, голову, волосы, манекен для причесок Pavlodar
15 000 ₸
New. Attaches to the table. Braided 1 time. 80% natural hair, 20% synthetic. You can comb, wash,...
Массажный стол складной Nirvana (выдержка 270кг) Almaty 5
99 000 ₸
The Nirvana BM2523-2 portable folding massage table from the SL Relax brand is equipment that...
Аппарат для похудения и омоложения! Кавитация, LPG, RF! Almaty 2
1 990 000 ₸
Innovative device for weight loss and rejuvenation Expert Shape! Removes up to -6 centimeters of...
Лампа гибридная для маникюра Kostanay 5
3 500 ₸
I will sell a lamp in good condition, everything works. URGENTLY
Стронг 204, strong, аппарат для маникюра Almaty 2
27 000 ₸
High power - 65 watts! The power of the device allows you to use it for manicure and pedicure....
Продаю аппарат Strong! Karagandy 2
30 000 ₸
Strong 204 device for sale. Original - Korea Condition - New
Акция, маникюрый стол трансформер 18000 тенге Pavlodar 8
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18 000 ₸
Promotion manicure tables transformers, delivery to an apartment or salon for free, in stock, see...
Помошник косметолога Pavlodar 8
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10 000 ₸
I will sell an indispensable lazy assistant for a Beauty master, 2 pieces are available, the...
Вытяжка для маникюра Almaty
4 500 ₸
Manicure hood, excellent condition, rarely used, Located 20-Line 42. Crystal beauty salon
Помощник косметологический стекло+металл столик для мастеров Almaty 2
12 000 ₸
Assistant cosmetology glass + metal table for masters. Tool table with three shelves, movable on...
Пылесос вытяжка для маникюра + подарок Almaty 7
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12 000 ₸
Powerful vacuum cleaner extract for manicure with a leather insert. New + 1 gift to choose from...
Продам массажное кресло Semey
800 000 ₸
Selling a massage chair. excellent condition price negotiable.
Парикмахерское кресло Aqtobe 4
38 000 ₸
Hello, buy salon equipment at affordable prices from Zere-furniture. You can through the bank!...
Мойка для головы отправка по РК Temirtau 3
80 000 ₸
Head washers in assortment from 80000. ZERE - furniture, there are also chairs for hairdressers,...
Продам костюм женский срочно Kostanay
5 000 ₸
I will sell a three-piece suit. The quality is excellent. The color is brown. Exactly the same as...
Парикмахерские кресла в любой город РК Taraz 8
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38 000 ₸
I sell new equipment for beauty salons from Zere-furniture. You can through the bank! Delivery...