Tripods, monopods in

водонепроницаемый чехол для GoPro Hero 9 Shymkent 3
4 500 ₸
I will sell a waterproof case for GoPro Hero 9, new in packing. Protective case for diving. Trade...
Продам экшн камеру Sony AS300.
150 000 ₸
Selling Sony AC 300. In excellent condition. Full set. Clock, spare battery, charger, etc. phone:...
Акшин камера EKEN 4K ULTRA Atyrau 5
35 000 ₸
Sell Akshin camera EKEN 4K ULTRA, new condition, complete set with a remote control with numerous...
Натяжнои паталок Shalqar 8
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1 700 ₸
Stretch ceilings Ecological and fire safety - the materials used in the production are made from...
Эндоскоп до 25м. Бороскоп. Камера. Доставка. Aqtobe 7
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7 499 ₸
The waterproof video endoscope is great for industrial applications, the video endoscope is...
Продам кольцевую лампу штатив Бесагаш 3
5 000 ₸
I will sell a ring lamp, the tripod is almost new, it has not been used, everything is regulated,...
Блютуз монопод-штатив трипод для смартфона Almaty 7
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12 400 ₸
The BlitzWolf Monopod Tripod converts easily into a tripod for great portrait and group shots. A...
Монопод для селфи , алюминиевый сплав, выдвижной штатив для смартфонов Almaty 6
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2 000 ₸
Selfie monopod, aluminum alloy, retractable tripod for smartphones - 2000 tenge Net weight : 140...
Стедикам стабилизатор фото видео Ush-Tyube
55 000 ₸
steadicam Moza mini MX. For photo video shooting, if you have talent, you can also shoot a movie...
Продам монопод-штатив для телефона б/у Semey 3
3 000 ₸
I will sell a monopod tripod for a used phone in good condition, a new building area. Tel:...
Штатив для телефона TRIPOD 3310 и для лед ламп Shymkent 8
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3 500 ₸
TRIPOD 3110 WhatsApp 87016250501 Delivery from 500tng At an affordable price for amateur filming...
Продам Dji osmo 4 Almaty 2
60 000 ₸
I will sell a stabilizer for the Dji osmo mobile 4 phone in excellent condition or an exchange...
Стедикам DJI Osmo Mobile 4 SE серый Shymkent 3
55 000 ₸
never used, new. I applied for an installment plan through casspi, 2 months ago) now I don’t have...
продам держатель-зажим GOPRO Almaty 4
10 000 ₸
Selling my GOPRO clip in excellent condition. We are located on Gogol/Kaldayakova street.
Головки штатива поворот 360 градусов Shymkent 2
1 500 ₸
Sold tripod heads first for horizontal video and photo shooting. Second 360 degree free delivery...
Селфи Палка Монопод Zhezqazghan 2
900 ₸
Selfie Stick Monopod in excellent condition New Suitable for any smartphone Selfie Stick Monopod
стабилизатор DJI OSMO 4 SE Almaty 4
70 000 ₸
Stabilizer DJI OSMO 4 SE for sale, new condition 10/10. Used only 2-3 times. For all questions,...
Кольцевая лампа 33 см rgb Taraz 2
6 500 ₸
In good quality at an affordable price Auyl bereke bazaar sector B Altel boutique on the corner...
Штатив Fotopro x1 компактный, устойчивый ,удобный ,материал -алюминий Astana
15 000 ₸
Great tripod! for seed camera, phone, action camera, all adapters in the set, brand new!
Штатив черный Semey 4
7 000 ₸
The tripod is in excellent condition, brand new! It can decrease and lengthen, the height is...