Озонатор +ионизатор АЛТАЙ для воды и воздуха. Moscow
41 400 ₸ Negotiable
Air purifier ozonator + ionizer ALTAI purifies water and air, destroys viruses and bacteria. For...
Тонометр автоматический электронный Almaty 5
9 990 ₸
Продвм тонометр автоматический электронный B02r(новый) автоматический тонометр сам наберет воздух...
Фонарь для ценителей ретро Almaty 3
4 990 ₸
Продам фонарь для ценителей ретро для работ в тяжёлых и агресивных условиях. стекло толстое-8мм,...
Гирлянда для любого торжества Astana 6
1 photo more
1 ₸
Illumination for decoration of the house and public spaces. Reliable and affordable solutions...
Электропечь Aqtau 3
2 500 ₸ Negotiable
Selling an electric oven in working order. Inexpensive
Пылесос Ust-Kamenogorsk
10 000 ₸ Negotiable
Vacuum cleaner for sale in excellent condition.
Вязальная машина"SILVER REED SK280" Stepnogorskoye 2
400 000 ₸
New knitting machine, double punch card knitting machine. Bought for myself, but there were...
Электронная каретка 4 класс,Япония Kostanay 4
215 000 ₸
Whoever wants to upgrade his favorite knitting machine of the 4th class Silver SK160, I offer an...
Продам новую двухфантурную вязальную машинку Silver Reed Almaty 3
400 000 ₸
Selling a brand new Silver Reed double knitting machine. Only samples were connected on the...
Продам вязальную японскую двухфантурную Машинку Taldykorgan 8
3 photos more
350 000 ₸
I will sell very quickly a double-textured Japanese knitting machine. If you want to dress...
Продам вязальную машинку
10 000 ₸
Knitting machine. 1976 release. All accessories included. In great condition.
Вязальная машина Petropavlovsk 2
8 000 ₸
New knitting machine. Lying, not used. Let's sell! 9000 tenge
Сборка разборка мебели Aqtobe
10 000 ₸
Assembly disassembly of furniture, any complexity, high-quality and quickly, packing and moving...
Продаю вязальную машину "Северянка" и "Нева-2" Кайтпас 3
20 000 ₸
I will sell a used knitting machine "Severyanka" and "Neva-2". In excellent condition, both thin...
Тігін машина алатындар болса хабарласын 2
10 000 ₸
Zhumys zhasaids barlyk narseny tyge alady minuses jok alatndar bolsa kelysemz zhyly esky
Вязальная машина Silver red лк-150 Aqtobe 3
100 000 ₸
Single knitting machine, 4 classes, Silver red, new in the box, easy to use
Электропрялка.продам. Бостандык 3
6 200 ₸
I will sell a Soviet electric spinning wheel. In good working condition. All questions by phone.
Вязальная машина silverreed sk 280 Almaty
200 000 ₸
The machine is almost new, only samples were knitted on it, I sell it in a box with all...
Вязальная машина Нева-4.1 Almaty 3
10 000 ₸
Knitting machine Neva-4.1, does not differ much from Neva 5. Used. There are spare brushes and...
SilverReed LK150 Балуана Шолака
200 000 ₸
Балуана Шолака
I will sell a new SilverReed LK150 knitting machine in a package! NEW!!! Never knitted on this...

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