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The most popular vacancies in Kazakhstan in 2023


The labor market in Kazakhstan is constantly changing and undergoing certain changes, so it is extremely important to monitor the ongoing process.

Every year certain professions are recognized as irrelevant and relegated to the background, new professions appear, which in the near future will be most in demand on the labor market in Kazakhstan.

So which professions will be most in demand in 2023?

1. Programmer

IT specialists will be in demand always and everywhere, regardless of the time period and changing trends. After all, they do important work, they are the brain of the computer. In the future, this specialty will still be in demand, thanks to the emergence of new technologies that you will have to work with.

Recently in Kazakhstan has a shortage of IT specialists. Therefore, this vacancy is more relevant than ever.

2. Sales Specialist

The sales market is actively gaining momentum every year, it is growing and developing very rapidly in Kazakhstan.

The vacancy of a sales manager is very popular in In Kazakhstan, this profession accounts for about 1/10 of all vacancies.

The big advantage of this profession is that it can be obtained online in just a few months, but higher education will be a good plus for the employer.

A sales manager is necessary in every company, so there is no doubt that this profession will be in demand for the next 10 years at least.

3. Administrators and Managers

Such specialists are also required always and everywhere. But compulsory higher education is already necessary here, since entire companies and departments will have to be managed in order to increase the efficiency of employees.

There is no way to replace this profession, so you can be sure that this vacancy will be in demand for the next 10 years.

In this article, we talked in detail about 3 professions that are now in demand in In Kazakhstan and will be relevant for at least another 10 years. But do not forget that the market is developing and changing, and new relevant professions may appear.

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