Holidays in Kazakhstan in 2023


Summer, warmth and the bathing season are approaching faster and faster. Students and children will go on vacation, and adults will go on vacation. And this means that the period of rest and the opening of the bathing season has come. Many will go abroad, but no one has canceled domestic resorts.

Where can I relax in the summer of 2023 in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is an amazing country that impresses with its beauty. Here you can arrange both an active holiday with excursions, and just a lazy vacation.

Residents of the CIS countries often come here, as there is no language barrier and prices are quite low. Also, you will not need to apply for a visa to stay here.

The weather here is very warm, which is great for hiking and swimming season. The visiting season is all year round.

 1. Astana
Undoubtedly, the main city to visit is the capital of Kazakhstan — Astana.

Most of all, it will be interesting for young people and the older generation. There are many monuments here, as well as entertainment places. There are oceanariums and even an artificial beach! Such beauty is worth seeing with your own eyes.

 2. Alma-Ata 

Many tourists and residents of Kazakhstan definitely recommend this city to visit. There is a very picturesque nature here, there are several lakes, canyons and many natural parks.

 3. Western Kazakhstan

This region should be given special attention. The nature here is famous for its extraordinary beauty, and the Caspian Sea makes this region a real resort. There are even camels here that you can ride!

In this article we talked about the most visited and beautiful regions for recreation in Kazakhstan. This is really a truly incredible country that is worth visiting at least once in your life.

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