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Features of placing business announcements on virtual boards


Every entrepreneur knows that you can not save on advertising. It can be very difficult for novice businessmen to allocate a sum of money for promotion. In this case, a virtual bulletin board can be an excellent solution. Previously, printed publications were used for these purposes, which gradually lost their primacy to bulletin boards and lost their relevance. Now the Internet is in a leading position, and business ads may well be of interest to individual users who need your products or services.

Increasing sales the easy way

If you want to increase the number of targeted visits and, accordingly, sales, then for this you will have to start compiling the “correct” sales texts. In parallel with this, it is necessary to determine the list of Internet sites for placing ads. To work with virtual bulletin boards, you need to go through a simple registration procedure. In addition, you should carefully read the rules of the site, so that later you won’t be surprised: why did you “fly away to the ban” or were you refused to place an ad. It is appropriate to register if you are completely satisfied with the rules!

Secrets of success. Checklist from the pros

It is highly desirable to have a key phrase in the title. If we are talking about a specific product, indicate the name, and, if possible, the article, model and other important information. In the title, you can specify the country and a specific region. For example, Kazakhstan (Petropavlovsk, Uralsk, etc.).

The text should be readable, understandable, short, but capacious. «Cloths» and «footcloths» do not interest readers and, accordingly, potential customers! The reason is banal — a lot of letters! The text displays only the most important information, without unnecessary epithets. Ads written in any way, with errors, CAPS, obscure characters cause rejection. Because they are simply unpleasant to read!

If you use images, they must be of high quality, showing the merits of the product from different angles.

There should be no errors in contact details. If only because it is not in the interests of the person who advertises the sale of a car, real estate, product or service.

The text should be placed in «its category», that is, in the optimal thematic section, because due to such a discrepancy it may be removed by the moderator.

How to write a text that will sell?

Before you start writing advertising text, you need to determine its purpose. In this case, it is the sale of a product or service. The content of the text should be aimed at achieving this goal. Therefore, it will be useful to make a portrait of the target audience in advance in order to identify its problems and suggest ways to solve or prevent them. Advertising texts use standard selling techniques. For example, this is a time limit or a quantity limit.

It is noteworthy that it makes sense to list not only the benefits of a product or service, but also the benefits that the consumer will receive after the purchase. For example, a sugaring session will allow you to get rid of unwanted vegetation, and the effect of the procedure will last for several weeks! Also, you can mention that the buyer will receive additional bonuses upon purchase (discounts, gifts, free shipping, etc.).

In any advertisements, regardless of where they are placed (on specialized sites, boards, third-party web resources, social networks), there must be a call to action. For example: call, write, come, order, etc. If, according to the rules of the bulletin board, you can put a direct link in an advertisement, then this is very good! If the link is inactive, then a competent user knows what to do with it and how to “revive” it!

What are the pros and cons of posting business ads on virtual boards?

By placing text ads on virtual platforms, you can really increase the number of sales within one city, region or the whole country! In Kazakhstan, both private and corporate announcements are read. Because people need specific goods and services, and not just used cars, wheels for them, cottages, apartments and other real estate. The advertiser has the opportunity to write almost any selling text. The main thing is that it does not contradict the norms of morality, the rules of the site and complies with the proposal.

Announcements on the boards can be submitted more than once, and it is not necessary to compose a large number of texts. Among the minuses is that not all sites allow you to put direct links. Plus the need for registration, compliance with the conditions and rules. But in general, bulletin boards in Kazakhstan can significantly promote your business, and our site is one of them!

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