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Finding a job - how not to become a victim of scammers.


Everyone strives to find a good job or part-time job, but, unfortunately, a huge number of scammers have appeared on the job market, attracting amazing amounts of earnings. As a result, the amount of earnings will be really huge, but not for you.

Therefore, today any method of additional part-time work that requires an initial cash contribution is a cause for concern. Moreover, the Internet is replete with hundreds, if not thousands of stories about how «I invested two hundred dollars, they promised five hundred in a month, as a result, the site is no longer available.»

Then the scammers immediately came up with a new scheme that outwardly looks so crystal clear that it is very difficult to understand exactly when you will get into the network.

We will introduce you, friends, to one of these options for deception. There are actually many of them, but the principle is the same. So.

On one of the job search sites, you respond to, say, an administrator vacancy. The answer comes quickly enough — you will be asked to go to some messenger to communicate. Usually Telegram.

The first message from a potential employer might be:

Good afternoon! I want to offer you a more interesting and promising offer in terms of wages, since avito and hh do not miss such vacancies, I had to use the administrator's vacancy as a disguise, I apologize in advance.

It becomes interesting to you what kind of vacancies are these that moderators ruthlessly block. Reading the description of a future job, you begin to be surprised.

Everything looks fair — a team of administrators is being recruited, the average salary is about 200,000 to half a million Russian rubles a month. And the numbers are real. What's the catch?

There is no catch, you are offered to bet on certain events on the relevant sites:

I’ll explain right away that my benefit is that I will receive a good percentage of winnings from you, there are limits in bookmakers, which is why I have to resort to third-party help.

The percentage of winnings will need to be sent to my account. Everything is done online. There are no illegal actions, as bets are not prohibited by law.

Why he does not do it himself — the reason is also explained in great detail. The fact is that cunning bookmakers have long introduced restrictions on the maximum bet size, so I have to resort to the help of a recruited team.

And in order for you to believe in the honesty of the future employer, you are immediately offered to open a crypto-currency wallet in a European bank, to which the starting amount will be transferred.

Moreover, a third of this amount is already considered your advance. That is, if 200,000 are transferred to you, then a little more than 60,000 rubles are already yours. Interesting? Highly.

The next condition for future work further convinces the employer of honesty and even a certain naivety. The winnings from your bet are transferred to the account you opened, from which you yourself will transfer the commission to the employer. It's too pretty to be true. Does the employer really not understand that he can be thrown corny. Perhaps he has some kind of agreement with the bank? Let's see.

Then, of course, you follow the link, create on the site some Latvian (or any other), absolutely unknown bank crypto wallet. You send the account or wallet number to the employer and literally within a few minutes the same amount, 200,000 Russian rubles, appears on your account. Surprisingly, this is not a scam!

Of course, they will clarify with you, did you receive it? Great, now transfer the entire amount to your bank card. After the money is credited, they promise to send you a link to the site, where they will make their first bet.

In your account, you honestly enter the card number, amount, click transfer, but… Nothing. Five minutes, ten minutes. Nothing. It becomes a shame, there is money, there is already the first, considerable, earned amount, but it is impossible to take it. The employer is going through with you.

He will worry about half an hour, along the way telling that today the bank has some technical problems, but they promised to fix everything soon.

While you are waiting for the transfer, you can clarify why not immediately transfer to a bank card, without creating a wallet.

The answer is surprising — the fact is that it is impossible to transfer from the countries of the European Union, and I am still only making a map of the European Union.

A little unclear, right? If the transfer is impossible, why make a card from which you can still transfer, although it seems to be impossible. In general, something is somehow confusing.

But let's forgive our dear employer this small mistake, especially since he himself communicates with the bank's support service in parallel.

Finally, you will be happily informed that you need to personally write to the support service, they will figure it out. You immediately write in the support chat about the problem that has arisen: there is money, I process the transfer, but it does not go through.

And literally in a few minutes you get an answer — you need to verify your card, to which the funds will be transferred. This is the policy of the bank, the purpose of verification is to protect your account from possible hacking and fraudulent transfers.

Therefore, the verification procedure is prescribed for you in detail and clearly — from your card you must make a money transfer to the sent number of the crypto-currency wallet. In this case, the money will be immediately credited to your account, so this is not a payment, the bank does not take this money for itself, moreover, it does not charge any commission.

Just do it once, and you can safely withdraw all the money. Transfer amount, for example, 4500 Russian rubles. Be sure to ask you to report as soon as the money is sent, even send a copy of the payment receipt.

Compared to the expected 60,000, you must admit that 4,500 is a trifle. Therefore, many quickly transfer the required amount.

Congratulations! Verification passed. Now you can withdraw money.

It would seem, but no, friends. The translation still for unknown reasons will not work.

Your future employer will sigh a little with you, advise you to wait, at the same time complain about your own frozen funds, and after a while stop responding. Because «the Moor has done his job, the Moor can go.» The wallet to which you transfer is unknown, just as it is unknown to whom it belongs.

The scheme of scammers is to lure you with a large amount and assure you of imaginary honesty, steal from you quite a bit, maybe only 4500. But if there are a hundred or a thousand who want, then the amount will be huge.

Therefore, when looking for a job, do not forget the most important rule — free cheese is only in a mousetrap. And take care of yourself and your money.

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