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Is it possible to make money on message boards?


Virtual bulletin boards have solid user popularity, including in Kazakhstan. On such sites you can really make money, and there are several ways to do this. But users are constantly coming up with something new, and some even acquire their own message boards. Until recently, this way of earning was quite profitable, although it required initial investments. It is noteworthy that the bulk of the money is spent on advertising and promotion of the site. If there is no desire to do “all this” on your own, then you can outsource this work to freelancers. And this is an additional cost, which is now unlikely to pay off. The reason is serious competition!

The main ways to make money on bulletin boards

Sale of unwanted items. In fact, you will do two good deeds at once: get rid of the trash in the house and earn a certain amount of money, the amount of which depends on what exactly you will sell and how successful these sales will be. This option of earning is available to everyone, because it is possible to place private ads completely free of charge. Usually, people sell books, antiques, household appliances, children's things directly in packages and much more through such sites. The main thing is that the product is not prohibited by law and the rules of the site!

Resale of goods by dropshipping. A very modern and fairly simple way to make money. But what's with the bulletin board? The fact is that dropshipping involves the wholesale purchase of goods from a supplier. If you do not have your own store, then the purchased product with its own margin can be sold through the ad site. This option is ideal for those who know how to write sales texts and can “show the product face” in absentia!

Sale of own services. If you are a freelancer, a manicurist, a programmer, or just a good plumber, then you probably have your own business social media account. But advertising your services on free bulletin boards will definitely not be superfluous, because thanks to it, you can find new clients who do not sit on social networks, but need the services of a good master!

Earnings on posting ads. The essence of the work is simple, but its implementation requires a customer who will order the placement of ads on different boards. Topics may vary. For example, these are advertisements for the purchase / sale of cars, spare parts, wheels, telephones, apartments, summer cottages, other real estate, etc. The task of the performer is to place selling texts on the relevant sites, and then provide a report to the customer (as a rule, these are links to ads) to receive a well-deserved reward.

Mediation in transactions. There are many options here. Let's say you found an ad from the category «buy a car», indicating the brand, model and other characteristics. And you, for example, know who has such a car, which is planned for sale. Task: introduce the seller to the buyer, and if the transaction goes through, you can get a reward for your participation. Of course, such issues are discussed in advance!

Is it worth getting your own bulletin board?

The prospects are very tempting, because a private bulletin board is several types of earnings at once. For example, income can be obtained from contextual advertising Yandex.Direct or Google AdSense. There are other ways, in the form of selling links, for which you can fly into a ban if you are greedy. It is possible that over time, direct advertisers will appear at a private bulletin board, especially if the site has a regional significance, that is, it is tied to a specific region. For example, to Northern Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk or Uralsk. For local companies and entrepreneurs, the regional bulletin board is a tasty morsel! In addition to all this, you can connect additional paid services, including VIP accounts, color highlighting of an ad or raising it in a search.

Now let's look at creating your own bulletin board not through rose-colored glasses. Because the reality is much more complicated. After all, this is a risky way to make money, since a regional or niche classifieds board can easily turn out to be unclaimed. Before starting such a project, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis, to study the target audience that will sell and buy. Plus, you need a stable source of traffic and serious money for advertising. It is almost impossible to promote a regional or niche bulletin board based on commercial requests alone! And according to experts who understand this topic, it’s pointless to open such a business now, so it’s better to use existing bulletin boards. What’s more, you can make money off of them!

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