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Where can I get an illustration for an ad if there are no photos of myself


Many message boards prohibit the creation of offers without an accompanying illustration of a product or service. On our website, this opportunity is not closed: ads are published both with pictures and without them. This is done in order to simplify the procedure for creating proposals. After all, the seller may not have the right illustration. A product or service needs to be sold here and now. It also happens that the creator of the ad is at a loss: what photo to attach, for example, to the “phone consultation” service. Or how to illustrate a dog walking ad if the service is new and the required portfolio with a photo is not yet available.

The first thing that comes to mind is to find the right picture on the Internet. That's just where to look for it, so as not to get a fine for copyright infringement. The object of copyright protection may not be used to generate income or provide services. Therefore, the option of downloading any image on request in the search is not the best.

Consider more suitable options that will make your ad visible and attractive.

Placement of the organization's logo or own photo

If you do not have a suitable illustration for the service, place your company logo. So you can confirm the official status of your organization, increase user trust and recognition of your own brand. If you're a private person, post your own photo in a work setting or against a simple, neutral background.

Selection of illustrations on photo stocks

The solution to the problem with the selection of illustrations is special online services in which authors post photos, works in vector graphics and illustrations both for sale and for public use. Such catalogs are called photo banks or photo stocks. Pictures posted in photo stocks can be paid and free.

Here is an example of photos that can be found on stocks for the query «plumber».

Such high-quality photos will definitely attract additional attention to the ad. When downloading a picture from the Internet, always pay attention to the license. The licenses for using someone else's stock image vary. Some of the images are distributed free of charge for non-commercial use only.

If you can't find anything that matches your query (for example, you're looking for an illustration for an ad

«legal services»), then try changing your search query. To search, it is better to use common words: “lawyer”, “cleaning”, “repair” and so on. You should not look for a suitable picture by the full name of the service. Enter words that convey the main point of the ad without details.

So, variants of illustrations are found. Now you need to choose the right photo. If we are talking about the provision of a service, then it is better to choose those pictures in which someone else's face will not be visible. Otherwise, customers will think that the person in the photo is a performer, and will be surprised and even refuse the order when they see the deception. Use neutral photos that show exactly what you offer to your clients and customers. If you are vulcanizing tires and have nothing to do with car repair, choose exactly those illustrations that show tires. Don't mislead your customers.

Create an illustration with text

An ad illustration is an additional tool to attract the attention of buyers. It is undesirable to leave this place empty even if all of the above methods did not suit you. Our bulletin board allows you to post pictures with text instead of a photo. Use this chance: indicate additional information or benefits of the service in the picture.

For example, for a service for processing real estate transactions, the inscription “Preparation of a package of documents in 24 hours” is suitable. Do not post too much small text: too much information can turn your potential client away. The text should reflect the essence of the ad, be concise, easy to read and catchy. Try to avoid clichés (“best”, “efficient”, “beautiful”). Describe the real benefits in your field. For example, the phrase «delivery in 2 hours» sounds more specific and inspires more confidence than the phrase «fast delivery in the city.»

How to make an image with text? Overlaying text on the background is a standard feature of most existing graphics programs. If there are no such programs, then you can use special online services. Another option available is to install a graphics app on your phone and make a suitable picture for your ad on it.

Photo of product, office or employees

It may sound obvious, but the best thing you can do is take pictures of your product from different angles and attach not even one illustration to your ad, but several. Our service allows you to post multiple photos. If you offer not a product, but a service, then take photos of your office, employees, equipment. It won't take much extra time, but the effect of the ad will be much better.

Use one of the options

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