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How to post a job posting on job boards

07/18/2022 03:23

Jobs on bulletin boards are the first point of interaction between a potential employee and an employer. Based on this contact, applicants form their opinion about the future employer. Submission and content of the vacancy affects the response from job seekers. In this article, we will show you how to write a vacancy correctly.

Determine the category of applicants

Depending on the activities of your company, you need to attract the right group of people. And now we are not even talking about professional criteria like “a programmer is required” or “sales manager”. We are talking about employment conditions: working hours, remote work, geolocation, full-time work or not. It is these conditions that must also be carefully spelled out in the vacancy. So we have several groups:

Job seekers for students with enough free time to combine with their studies.

IT professionals, artists or translators who want to work remotely as freelancers.

People who, for one reason or another, want to conduct their activities within the same geolocation. For example, they are interested in working in Almaty.

That is, you need to focus in your job posting on a specific group of users who will see the offer. If you create an ad based on these conditions and in accordance with the interests and needs of the company, job seekers will find you through queries in the search engine.

Job title:

Basically, thanks to the name of the vacancy, potential employees respond. Therefore, the title should provide comprehensive information in order to cut off the responses of incompetent and inappropriate users. Additional information in the title can be placed in brackets. Here is an example:

3D artist for creating environments in a video game (remote work)

Attractive job description

The second key step is the job description. Without a detailed description of the requirements, conditions and payment, then professionals who know their own worth are unlikely to be interested in your ad, or you will receive unnecessary feedback in the form of many questions and messages from people who then turn out to be unsuitable candidates. Let's say you need a programmer and you didn't specify in the ad which language you should know Python or C++. As a result, you will get a weak response due to the lack of specifics or perhaps confusion when discussing the details. This will apply to all vacancies where qualified workers are required.

In the text of the vacancy, you need to describe in detail the requirements from the employee and his duties. It is also necessary to describe the scope of work, the autonomy of the employee and interaction with colleagues. Add that the work schedule can be discussed. It is impossible to insert a copied job description into the text, it is better to fill out a vacancy in a succinct and understandable way. Properly describe the tasks, independence and tools. To form an attractive description, study other ads in your category. This way you can create an offer with a high response.

How to make a list of requirements

The requirements section should include work experience, specialized education, degree of professionalism and, in some cases, a portfolio. For optimal response results, the requirements should be divided into two parts: mandatory and desirable.

Also, do not get carried away with non-informative requirements, for example: “A responsible and punctual sales manager is required.”

It's better to write the following:

“Your tasks as a sales manager will include opening an electronics store at 9:00 and preparing the staff for the work day.”

What not to include in a job offer:

There are a few things you shouldn't include in your job posting. This may include:

Excessive humor and creativity (possible in creative areas).

Talk about sore points: a translator for remote work, whose relatives will not get sick, or a laptop will break. This will only alienate potential employees.

A similar situation with ads by type: I will teach from scratch only today and only now! Such an announcement will scare off potential employees rather than attract them.

At the end, we give an example of a capacious, but quite understandable vacancy, where the solution to the issue of working hours is perfectly implemented:

“We need a sales manager for an electronics store.


At least 1 year experience in this field.

Good speech and good diction.

Knowledge of CRM.


Work in the office from 9:30 to 16:00.

Your task is to accept applications for the purchase of smartphones, PC assemblies and laptops. We need to advise our customers, form a client base and make commercial offers.

Working hours can be discussed.”

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