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How to improve the quality of a job description

07/26/2022 16:45

The times when only the position was indicated in the vacancy, and the main requirement was the absence of bad habits and responsibility are long gone. It would seem that the fewer nuances, the more people will respond and it will be easier to choose. Actually it is not. To find the right artist, you need details. Vacancies without specifics scare away: people do not want to spend time finding out the details and participate in the job lottery. A detailed description of the vacancy saves time on finding a contractor, testing skills, hiring and reduces the risk of receiving unskilled labor as a result. So how do you write an ad for a new employee?

1. Clearly defined position

Specify the specific position for which the applicant will be employed. If you need a pottery apprentice with a subsequent promotion to a master, just write — you need a pottery apprentice.

2. Conditions for induction

If the vacancy involves a gradual introduction to a position or training, indicate the conditions for the advanced training stage and its timing. How long will the training take place, with what intensity? Conditions of payment and work for the period of its passage. What tests and exams do you need to pass to get the desired position? What happens if a student fails the final test?

3. Reason for the vacancy

A rare but important item in the ad. Few employers want to reveal the true reasons for the dismissal of a previous employee. However, believe me, attentive and serious candidates are interested in knowing why you need them. And it's not just idle curiosity. High staff turnover, conflict situation in the team, instability of the company — what the candidate wants to avoid despite the attractiveness of the position and salary. If the vacancy is open due to the appearance of a new department in the company, be sure to write about it. If the previous employee went on maternity leave, mention this in the interview and tell us what awaits the new employee when the previous specialist returns to work. Such honesty and openness will increase the attractiveness of the ad and will pleasantly distinguish it from others. If the reason for the appearance of a free place in the state is negative (for example, the previous specialist constantly violated labor regulations or was incompetent), write down the requirements for a new employee, taking into account past mistakes. Eliminate the risk of a repeat of the situation.

4. List of tasks

If you listed general requirements in the job posting, such as “driver needed,” go back and be specific. Even such an understandable position as a “driver” has it. Indicate what distances trips are supposed to be, with what frequency and duration, whether there is a requirement to be in touch during off-hours and weekends, or the working day is strictly normalized. If you need a driver with a personal car, tell us about the desired class of car and specify what compensation the driver will receive in addition to wages. The answers to these questions are important to applicants. Someone does not work at night, a clear schedule is important for another, and a third is ready to be in touch around the clock, but will not pull 15-hour transfers from point A to point B. Describing tasks in detail, you exclude unsuitable candidates and build clear regulations for passing an interview.

5. Requirements

It would seem that you have written down all the tasks, why also write down the requirements in detail? Now imagine that you need a head of sales. In the list of tasks — preparation of a monthly report on the implementation of the KPI of the assigned department. How will the report be drawn up, in what program, how much time is allocated for preparation? If a specialist is able to perform the tasks described in the vacancy, this does not mean that the result meets organizational standards. Therefore, the requirements prescribe the expected qualifications of the candidate. For example, in the example above, you can specify the ability to work with the Microsoft Power Bi program at a professional level.

6. System of motivation.

If only restrictions and rigid frameworks are prescribed in the vacancy, even a workaholic person will doubt whether it is worth responding. Every person needs motivation. Voluntary health insurance, a friendly atmosphere in the team, bonuses, corporate trips and events at the expense of the organization — what from this list are you ready to offer? Even listing tea and cookies and a lounge area can draw additional attention to an ad. Attach photos of offices and work processes if you are proud of the working conditions. Let the candidates feel the atmosphere of what awaits them.

7. Call to action.

Oddly enough, but even if the candidate is interested, he may not respond immediately. People love to compare, weigh and ponder. Don't let this process drag on. Encourage you to respond to the ad. Calls will help with this: “follow the link”, “send an application to become a member of our team” and others.

As you can see, a quality ad takes a little more time to write. But this time will pay off many times over at subsequent interviews and selection stages: it will help weed out random passers-by, get relevant feedback and interested staff.

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