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How to sell household appliances on bulletin boards

07/07/2022 20:43

When moving or replacing household appliances, there is a need to sell an old refrigerator, washing machine or electric stove in order to recoup some of the other costs. There are enough ways to sell.

You can place an ad on social networks, in specialized groups — flea markets or on your page. However, the chance of a successful sale is quite small.

Thrift stores can be a great option if you need to quickly sell an old electric stove, robotic vacuum cleaner or dishwasher. But, commissions will underestimate the cost by 30 — 60% of the original. This option is not profitable if you want to return the entire cost of a conditional dishwasher or even get a benefit.

Bulletin boards are the best option. They allow you to fairly set the cost and the audience of these platforms is aimed at buying goods from the very beginning, unlike social networks. As a rule, an ad can be placed for free, you may have to pay for promotion if you need to find a buyer faster. We will take a closer look at this option.

What household appliances are in demand:

In the used home appliances market, refrigerators, ovens, robotic vacuum cleaners, electric stoves, air conditioners and washing machines are most popular as purchases. Users will be interested in these categories, wanting to save money on buying a new, more expensive model. Basically they will look for a model with non-critical problems, like scratches, broken handles.

Decide on the price of the product:

Users of message boards are looking for home appliances, hoping to buy a conditional air conditioner of an outdated model, but in good working condition. Study the market for your category of goods in the online store and classifieds sites to determine the best price for you and the buyer. Let's say the refrigerator model you are selling has today's price on the market 25% higher than when you bought it. You can take advantage of this provision and increase the price by 10% in order to stay in the black when selling a refrigerator. If you sell an air conditioner with any kind of malfunction, you should take this into account in the price. A small price reduction in this case will allow the next owner to assess the cost of repairs as profitable due to the cheapness of the goods. Even a broken washing machine at a low price can be bought by craftsmen to be disassembled for parts or repaired, and then resold.

Preparing to place an ad for the sale:

Before placing an ad, it is necessary to bring the equipment into a presentable form. You will need to check the technical condition of the conditional washing machine. You may have to replace a number of inexpensive parts, fix a handle, change a leaking pipe, and so on. Thanks to this, during the inspection, the buyer will not try to bring down the cost. For serviceable equipment, it is enough to take care of the appearance, remove greasy spots and take photographs with good illumination. When choosing, people prefer products with good photos. Therefore, having a good photo, the user will be more willing to buy a washing machine.

Make a detailed description:

It is also necessary to make an informative description. This is necessary because people respond more often to a detailed description of the product. For example, if you simply write “I sell a robot vacuum cleaner in good condition” without detailed characteristics, the likelihood that someone will get in touch is small. It is necessary to compose a text with a detailed indication of the characteristics, type of model, cleaning modes, navigation systems, and so on. The name should include the type of model so that your ad matches a specific query in a search engine. This applies to all product categories. If the warranty is still valid, it should also be indicated. If there is minor damage to the case, scratches and abrasions, this should be indicated in the text. Here is an example of a good description:

In the absence of honesty on the part of the seller, the buyer is unlikely to want to buy an electric stove or something else, being afraid to purchase faulty or even dangerous equipment.

Beware of scams:

As a rule, first of all, you can be contacted by outbidders who will intentionally invent malfunctions in order to bring down the price. They show up on inspection. Therefore, if you yourself do not understand the technical component, you should invite a friend to the meeting, who, understanding such things, will be able to point out the unlucky dealer.

If you still decide to sell a product, place your ads on our website for free.

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