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How to write selling advertisements for the sale of furniture.

07/14/2022 23:39

When repairing or for other reasons, furniture needs to be replaced. To compensate for part of the costs, they often sell the old one on bulletin boards. The used furniture market has a fairly large assortment of goods, sofas, wall cabinets, armchairs and beds. In order for a user to buy a sofa or other thing on such resources, it is necessary to follow a number of rules. The main components are photos, title, description and cost.

Determine the price of furniture:

To attract someone to buy a sofa, you need to form a price. Bulletin board users primarily look for cheap goods on such resources, so they will have to drop the price. On average, if an item is in good condition, it can be sold for 50% of the original purchase amount. In a highly competitive environment — this is the best option. The likelihood that someone will buy a second-hand sofa at the original price is unlikely. This will not apply to antique types. If you are making walls or other furniture, you can sell at the best price for you, since this is a new product and therefore the user will be inclined to buy a cabinet. For correct pricing, you should study other ads from your category. Based on the results of the study of rates, you will come to an informed decision. If your offer is more profitable than the others, the person will be interested in it, so let's say they buy a chair.

Detailed description:

The second important stage is the title and description. You should first make a detailed title. Here are some examples: “wall with TV stand for the living room” or “corner leather sofa”. A good title will not only attract buyers, but also allow search engine algorithms and recommendations to rank the ad according to user requests. Next, you can proceed to the description.

It is required to compose a text that will describe the condition, model name, style, dimensions, number of repairs. Describe how the furniture was used, whether there were any damages, how often the mechanisms were changed. If, for example, you changed the upholstery of the chair, it is worth pointing out. When describing the walls, pay attention to the number of open and closed sections for storing books, dishes and personal items. For racks, indicate the number of shelves so that the buyer has a better understanding of the subject. Mention if there are scratches on the wooden furniture from cat claws. It is necessary to describe in more detail what material the upholstery and frame are made of. Honesty in describing a product with minor defects will inspire more confidence, and the buyer will be more inclined to buy a sofa, in contrast to situations where, upon inspection, a potential owner will reveal damage.

If you make furniture to order, you should specify the terms and materials that you can use in the ad. In this case, you will be contacted more often to buy a wardrobe.

Preparing to place an ad for the sale:

Before placing an ad, it is necessary to bring the rack or cabinet to the proper pre-sale condition. It is necessary to check the sliding mechanisms for drawers, varnish or paint for the current condition. You may have to do a number of cheap operations, fix the handle, install new drawer rails, replace varnish, paint. Thanks to this, during the inspection, the possible owner will not try to bring down the price in order to buy a cabinet cheaper. Furniture without defects only needs to be cleaned of grease stains and cleaned of dust. All these inexpensive procedures will attract more users to the ad. Upon personal inspection, the buyer will not be inclined to reduce the price if there is little or no damage. Accordingly, the likelihood that the buyer will buy a chair is much higher.

Furniture photos:

The last final step will be the photos. It is necessary to take a photo with high quality and with sufficient lighting. Users, considering the ad, primarily focus on the quality of the image and its presentation. Try to photograph furniture separately from other objects in the same category.

If you want the user to want to buy a cabinet, shoot the object from different angles. Separately photograph the handles, surface texture, and shelves. Sofas should also be removed from different angles and in the unfolded state. If possible, we recommend shooting against a light or dark background. Attach at least 3-4 photos to the product, because if there is only one main photo, the buyer will not fully understand what is in front of him and, accordingly, will not want to buy a chair.

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