How to make text sell?


It only at first glance seems that to interest potential customers is as easy as shelling pears! But in fact, everything is much more complicated, because every day thousands of fresh ads appear in Kazakhstan, and hundreds in specific categories. And these are statistics for only one site! How to make sure that the ad does not go unnoticed? You can increase the chances of success with a catchy headline, high-quality photos and selling text. That's the last one today and will be discussed.

Selling Ad Principles

If a certain amount of water is allowed in advertising texts, then in ad texts it should not be in principle! Water needs to be “evaporated” to the last drop in order to offer the buyer a short but capacious text that will allow him to get an idea about the product / service, the terms of the purchase and the benefits for the purchaser. Therefore, no long introductions, because they inspire melancholy and literally force the reader to close the ad and move on to the next one, since it is unlikely to be the only one on a specialized site.

A potential buyer needs the essence, as well as briefly and competently stated the benefits of the product / service and the price. If the auction is not planned, then it makes sense to point it out! If it is planned, but not desirable for the seller, then the corresponding phrase is written at the very end. After all, it is possible that the client will not finish reading the text! If a used item is put up for sale, it is advisable to explain why it is being sold. For example, a car is for sale. Reason for selling is bought another car. Apartment for sale in Uralsk. Reason for selling is moving to another city.

In the selling text posted on the bulletin board, all important information is indicated, which must necessarily correspond to reality. If the object of implementation has any disadvantages, then they should be mentioned in passing, since the main emphasis is on the merits. As for the sale of services, their list should correspond to the real one, as well as their cost. If you only repair wheels, then why write about the fact that, in principle, you can repair the roof too ?!

Words that do not carry a semantic load, «depersonalizing» and «cheapening» the text

Advertisements for the sale of goods / services often contain words that do not carry a semantic load. Maybe this will surprise someone, but the list includes “true selling” words:







with a guarantee;


very good;



When a person writes in a private ad “I will sell a very good, beautiful used car cheaply,” the seller gives this car his own assessment, which is beneficial for him. But the words “beautiful” and “very good” are too subjective, so the buyer will decide how beautiful and good this car is. In addition, the buyer will inevitably have some suspicions: if the car is very good and beautiful, then why is it then sold cheaply.

An example of a sales ad text

Let's say a person plans to place an advertisement for the sale of a dacha in Petropavlovsk. In such a text, you need to fit as much information as possible for the buyer. It is necessary to indicate the area of ​​the site, the presence / absence of plantings and buildings, the material from which the house is built, the current state of the object, its individual characteristics. By the way, some people take one very simple but effective step: personal emotions or good memories associated with the object of sale. Of course, there is no need to indulge in lengthy discussions and write memoirs. Suffice it to mention: how good it is to drink tea on the terrace on a warm summer evening!

The ad might look like this: “In connection with moving to another region, a cozy summer house located near Petropavlovsk is for sale. Plot 6 acres, there are fruit trees and shrubs. On the territory of the well-groomed plot there is a barn, an open gazebo for intimate conversations and family tea parties, and a frame house that can be used for permanent residence (year of construction — 2001, PVC windows, iron front door, 2 rooms and a kitchen). There is electricity, own well and stove heating. Barbecue, garden tools — as a gift. Trade is appropriate. Call!". Any ad must contain a call to action! The optimal number of characters is 500, the maximum is 1000.

Creating sales ads is not such an outstanding art! The main thing is that the texts contain the maximum amount of useful and truthful information, including those related to the price. There is one more small nuance: any text should not contain grammatical errors. Therefore, before posting on the bulletin board, it must be checked!

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