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News for Kazakhstanis who want to solve the housing issue


The latest news from Kazakhstan gives cause for joy to certain categories of citizens standing in line for housing. Back in mid-June, it became known about the launch of a joint project initiated by the “daughter” of the Baiterek holding JSC “Otbasy Bank” with the participation of the state corporation “Government for Citizens”. The essence of the project is that it is now possible to receive subsidies very simply by submitting an application remotely. This is possible through the use of blockchain technology. It is no coincidence that Otbasy Bank is involved in the process, because it is the only banking organization in Kazakhstan whose activities are related to the system of housing construction savings.

Before and now

Previously, clients had to collect a package of documents, and these were all kinds of certificates, statements, contracts and receipts. Then, with this package of documents, I had to personally apply to the akimat in order to receive confirmation or a reasoned refusal in 15 working days. Now this process has been significantly simplified and accelerated largely thanks to the instruction of the Head of State, who is determined to de-bureaucratize. And this is really good news for Kazakhstanis, who can apply remotely for rent subsidies and receive 50% compensation for paying for such housing.

The news of 2022 aroused particular interest among citizens who, by law, have the right to apply for such assistance from the state. The offer can be used by families raising children with special needs, orphans, large families, disabled people of groups 1 and 2. That is, socially unprotected segments of the population in need of housing.

How it works?

All processes take place on the otbasybank.kz platform, where landlords are authorized with the help of an EDS, who indicate all the necessary information, starting with personal data and ending with the cadastral number of the apartment. At the same time, program participants are registered on the platform, who apply online for rental subsidies and sign documents with EDS. By the way, some of them are searched and found by the system itself!

Approval for a subsidy can be obtained if the applicant fully meets all the parameters. The search for housing for rent is carried out independently. An agreement is concluded between the landlord and the tenant, which is formed by the system almost simultaneously with the payment schedule. After that, the tenant must pay a fee, the amount of which is 4810 tenge.

The program of state subsidies for rented housing is working successfully. Here is the latest news on it: 21.5 thousand citizens of Kazakhstan have already used the otbasybank platform. At the moment, 5.4 thousand applications have been approved and another 1.8 thousand are under consideration (data are being checked). The first lease agreements will be registered in the coming days and applicants will receive compensation of 50% of the rental price. Funds to the accounts of landlords will come from the budgets of local akimats and the republican budget.

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