6.5m towers Cagsan Protube L6 294 000 ₸

6.5m towers Cagsan Protube L6

Created: January 23
Address: Astana, Kazakhstan
For sale are 160 used sets in good (excellent) condition of professional aluminum tour towers made in Turkey by Cangsan.

Very compact, light and durable. Indispensable for any repair and installation work. Possible for rent.

The maximum working height is 6.5 meters. It is possible to assemble several towers at a lower height.

The maximum height of the working platform is 4.4 meters (from the tower support on the base to the place where a person stands with his feet)

Total height 5.55 meters

Working platform size 1.35 x 2 m

Maximum load capacity - 300 kg

Weight - 169 kg

Number of steps - 14

The larger the volume, the lower the price. Any form of payment is possible.

When purchasing the entire volume, the price is 650USD (approximately 294,000 tenge)
Per unit of goods 800USD (approximately 360,740 tenge)
Created: January 23
Was online january 30 16:32
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294 000 ₸
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Was online january 30 16:32
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