Need help

Возьму в долг Astana
400 000 ₸
I will borrow money at interest. 400, 000 for 6 months I will repay 95,000 in total I will return...
Требуются сотрудники разных возрстов Turkestan
160 000 ₸
Стаж опыт работыне важен Сами научим оплата через Нродный банк пенсионк стаховка имеется...
Прийму в дар машину Kharkiv
Good afternoon. In connection with the current situation, if you are traveling from the country...
Приму в дар велосипед
Hello, we left Nikolaev. I really need a bike for an adult and for a girl of 10 years old. . With...
Приму в дар, скутер, велосипед. Для доставки еды!!! Kiev
Perhaps you are getting on in the city and are not going to come back! I will be happy to look at...
Прийму авто для зберігання
2 ₸
A bus is needed for volunteer activities. I will also accept a car for saving. In whom to cost a...
Ищу планшет или ноутбук для мультиков и дистанционки Melitopol'
I am looking for an exchange tablet or laptop for children for cartoons, and the older one even...
Прошу на тимчасове використання велосипед або каляску для дитини 2,5р
Good evening from Ukraine, Kherson region, which has been paid off by the hour, we are going to...
Сниму жильё Черкассы Kharkiv
5 000 ₸
We are 5 people (adults) mom after the institute (but serves herself) we are looking for housing...
Потрібний бус дизель для Тероборони
1 000 ₸
You need a diesel bus or a universal minivan up to 1000 u.e. !
Сниму жилье Khmel'nyts'kyy
10 000 ₸
We rent accommodation for 6 people. You can have two apartments for a family of 2 people. Also...
Сниму квартиру в Валках
100 ₸
A family of two adults, a child and a well-bred cat will rent a house in Valki. Apartment or...
Зніму одно або двокімнатну квартиру, довгостроково
8 000 ₸
A young family couple rents an apartment. Dovgostrokovo. My misters. One or two rooms. The price...
Куплю не дорого велосипед.
500 ₸
Hello, we left Nikolaev, we really need a bike for an adult and for a girl of 10 years old. Not...
Семья снимет квартиру или дом
3 000 ₸
I will rent an apartment or a house with amenities in Zhovti Vody or Kozatsky for a long time, a...
Помогите пожалуйста, на время скутер. Kiev
I was evacuated from Bucha. Everything is left there. For work you need an electric bike or a...
Ищу жилье Mykolayiv
2 000 ₸
The family is looking for housing in Lutsk, preferably not in the city center, we are immigrants...
Куплю Трактор та інше
I will buy an MTZ tractor for restoration for disassembly of problematic documents and so on
Сниму бюджетное жилье Kremenchuk
1 500 ₸
Guy 32. Will rent budget housing in Poltava or the suburbs, village, 1500 UAH Write, call.
Сім'я із Запоріжжя шукає житло біля Львова Zaporizhzhya
10 000 ₸
Homeland s n', yati cholovik (team, cholokiv and three lads, the youngest 6 months old) roam...