Bathroom renovation

Демонтаж слом снос и вывоз по Астане Astana
4 000 ₸ Negotiable
8707 203 84 35 звонить уточнить Виды демонтажных работ наши услуги демонтаж: обоев, старых...
Услуги Сантехника 24/7 Astana 5
Good day! I offer plumbing and electrician services in Astana. We work for you around the clock....
Кафельщик Укладка всех видов плитки. . Ust-Kamenogorsk 6
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I will qualitatively repair bathroom shower rooms, etc., by dismantling the old and cladding of...
Установка и ремонт душевых кабин джакузи сантехнические услуги Almaty 8
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I want to offer you my services for the assembly, repair and further (warranty and post-warranty)...
Ремонт квартиры, дома Oral 6
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Let's execute construction and repair work of any premise: apartments, houses, cottages,...
Все виды отделочных работ по коммерческим помещениям. Astana
Are you tired of the empty gray walls or the old, poorly renovated rooms? Do you need to make...
Укладка кафеля ремонт отделка Almaty 5
Laying tiles, finishing work in a short time, any kind of construction work. Starting from the...
Сантехник круглосуточно Petropavlovsk
Good day! I offer plumbing services in Petropavlovsk. We work for you around the clock. Seven...
Выравнивание стен. Шпаклевка ремонт недвижимости. Karagandy 4
Hello. We are professionally engaged in the installation of lighthouses and align the walls with...
Ремонт под ключ квартир и коммерческих помещений Astana 3
Our team provides you with a full range of construction and repair work for apartments and...
Сантехник Узынагаш монтаж радиаторов смесителей раковин унитазов Узынагаш
The whole range of PLUMBING WORKS in Almaty: - Urgent plumbing works: elimination of leaks, minor...
Установка и ремонт Душевых Кабин, джакузи Гарантия качества! Almaty 8
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Hello everybody! I repair all brands of jacuzzis, any shower cabins with and without...
Ремонт квартир,домов,офисов под ключ Kostanay 3
Repair of apartments, private houses and other turnkey premises (from individual and cosmetic to...
Ремонт квартир, домов, офисов Aqtobe 8
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Renovation of apartments! laying tiles in bathrooms, showers, apron, puttying walls for wallpaper...
Услуги Сантехник Shemonaikha 5
All types of PLUMBING and WELDING works. Any work: Installing a bathtub, sink, toilet bowl, bidet...
Ремонт квартир и коммерческих помещений Astana 6
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Our company provides you with a full range of construction and repair work of apartments and...
Профессиональный кафельщик. Стаж работы 25 лет. Almaty 8
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Tiler with 25 years of experience. Trust a professional. As well as laying tiles of any...
Демонтаж стены с вывозом мусора Астана Astana 2
Dismantling the floor walls. All types of demolition work. We will prepare your apartment for...
Натяжные потолки с Гарантией 8
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Safe, odorless and seam-free fabrics. Measurement and consultation free of charge Features of PVC...
Ремонт квартир от 16000тг кв/м под ключь Astana 8
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- Qualitatively and inexpensively - Departure and Calculation of the estimate - FREE OF CHARGE -...