Agricultural land for rent

Возьму в аренду дачу Petropavlovsk
11 111 ₸
I will rent a cottage with a small house. Not neglected land. For a reasonable price
Арендую дачу в с/о Юбилейный Kostanay
40 000 ₸
I rent a cottage in Yubileiny village for the spring-summer-autumn period. Plot owners please...
Возьму дачу в аренду Karagandy
15 000 ₸
I'll take the dacha Fedorovka, or in the drawing of the city, for rent for the summer. May to...
Аренда орашаемой земли 20 га . Жансугуров 4
1 000 ₸
The agricultural farm of Aksu district of Almaty region urgently offers long-term cooperation (up...
Жал?а 1,5га жер беріледі Turkestan 8
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300 000 ₸
?orshal?an, o?shaulan?an, tas t?selіp betondal?an 1.5 ha zher mekemelerge nemese ??rylys,...
Аренда Сдам пустые Участки Shymkent 6
1 photo more
50 000 ₸
Rent I will rent empty Plots the ability to connect 220 and 380v, convenient for a cinder block...
Жер аренда асар шлакаблок Shymkent 4
50 000 ₸
Zher rent asar 4 kosh slag blocks zher tegyztelgen rent 50000tg zholdyn boy Sink and gas bolad t...
Земельный участок 10 соток под аренду Shymkent 3
111 111 ₸
Land plot of 10 acres for rent. Along the highway w / m: Mayatas. Near the school. Under the...
Сдам в аренду участок с контейнерами Косшы Astana 3
50 000 ₸
We are renting a plot with a 40 t container and a 10 kV garage. A plot among many houses and a...
Возьму в аренду дачу Kostanay
10 000 ₸
I will rent a cottage for the season, payment for water and electricity, pensioners. Call, write...
Аренда под фуд-корт Qaskeleng
50 000 ₸
I will rent space on the site for accommodation with my own food court kiosk, next to a...
Аренда егіндік жер. Чернак 7
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70 000 ₸
RENT? ?orshal?an. artizan??dy?s bar. 5 hectares. Ta? s bar.
Сдам в аренду земельный участок Pavlodar 8
3 photos more
100 000 ₸
Renting a plot of land with unfinished premises in the city center. Dimensions 40 meters by 5...
Отдам землю в аренду 350 Га Акмешит
1 000 000 ₸
I will give land for rent 350 hectares of arable land for a long time in the Karaganda region,...
Возьму дачу в аренду. Pavlodar
15 000 ₸
I'll take a cottage for rent in the direction of the airport 15000 phone 87789305221.
Аренда земли сдам Егинсу
1 000 ₸
I will lease land for peasant farming, 6.5 hectares long-term desirable, 200 meters from the...
жер жал?а беремін Semey
5 000 ₸
Zher sorry? and pregnant. ?go? aulasynda 12 hundred? zher boss zhatyr. B?ryn zhyl saiyn garden...
Сдам участок в аренду Aqtau
150 000 ₸
Land for Christian farming. Negotiable price Location Shalkar village, (Zhandosov, after...
АЗС,место под газовый моноблок Urochishche Talgarbaytuma 14
9 photos more
250 000 ₸
Urochishche Talgarbaytuma
I will rent a gas station, and a place for a gas monoblock, a convenient location along the...
Услуги по дому Rudnyy
11 111 ₸
All minor repairs around the house services of an electrician carpenter finisher price is negotiable

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