Roofing works

Ремонт крыш Мягкая кровля Aqtobe 7
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We offer repair of roofs of any complexity. Dismantling, installation, partial replacement of the...
Ремонт крыш мягкой кровлей 5
Repair of roofs with a soft roof of any complexity with the surfacing material "BIKROST",...
Кровля крыш, ремонт крыш Нуркен 4
Roofing roofs, roof repair: soft roofing as well as replacement of the roof profiled sheet, metal...
кришаны? кез келген т?рін жабамыз Кровля Балуана Шолака 6
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Балуана Шолака
Partial repair, complete replacement of the roof roof Installation of snow retainers Installation...
Монтаж кровли Temirtau 3
Is the roof running? Contact us! A team of our professionals carries out: 1) dismantling of the...
Ремонт крыши, кровли Astana 5
Our company carries out installation of roofing using the latest technology, liquid-applied...
Крою крышу Shymkent
I cut the roof with roofing material, bikrost, departure and measurement for free 8775 811 82 56
Кровля с нуля, качественно, гарантия Astana
We carry out all types of roofing works in time with high quality. TechnoNIKOL, tile, profiled...
Ремонт мягкой и жёсткой кровли, Гарантия, Документы Karagandy 8
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Repair of a soft roof, installation, dismantling of an old roof, quickly and qualitatively...
Мягкая Кровля в Актобе 6
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High-quality repair of a soft roof in the city of Aktobe and outside the city ... Russian...
Кровельные работы Temirtau
Roofing works, roof repair. Type of coverage at the choice of the Client. Guarantee. Cash and...
Строим ремонтируем крыши. Almaty 8
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Installation and dismantling of the roof. Roofs. Replacement of slates. Repair of the valley....
Кровля крыш Semey 6
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The team will perform roofing work, siding, we help with the purchase of lumber and roofing...
Ремонт мягкой кровли Kostanay 2
An experienced team will perform major and current repairs of soft roofing (uniflex, bikrost)....
Кровля крыши,ремонт! Ust-Kamenogorsk 4
Roofing of the roof of houses, warehouses, garages, etc. (soft, rigid, flexible), metal tiles,...
Огнезащитная обработка деревянных конструкций. Протокол качества Kostanay 2
Fire retardant treatment of wooden structures, protocol for determining the quality of fire...
Кровельные работы Temirtau 8
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We offer our services for the construction and repair of roofs of any complexity. If you are...
Кровельные работы , ремонт крыши Aqtobe 7
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Let's make installation of a roof of any complexity. Qualitatively and on time. Your roof will...
Строительство частных домов
We build cottage houses on a turnkey basis. Draft cladding with bricks, side roofing
Кровельные работы . Astana 2
The team takes orders for roofing work, hard and soft roofing.Quality and quickly operational.1...