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Country amnesty 2022 - who lives in a hut? Make your land and house ownership easy!


Саяжай амнистиясы туралы заңның келесі ұзартылуына Ресей Федерациясының Президенті В.В. Путин, заң биылғы жылдың 1 қыркүйегінде қайтадан күшіне енуі керек еді, бірақ күшіне ену мерзімі тездетіліп, 1 шілдеге ауыстырылды. Саяжай амнистиясының көмегімен сіз 1998 жылға дейін салынған үйдің астындағы жер учаскесін және ғимараттың өзін кадастрлық тіркеу үшін өте тез және оңай тіркей аласыз.

The law was first adopted in 2006 and has already been extended several times. The main goal is the legalization of housing built back in Soviet times, documents for buildings and land plots of that time at the moment may not correspond to standard papers of the present or be partially lost.

Land plots in the USSR were often given out simply for life use, and houses were built without any permits. With the actual existence and use of such plots and houses, they are not legally registered. It is for this case that a dacha amnesty was created, for the legalization and registration of housing according to a simplified scheme.

The main package of documents according to Rosreestr:
1. a document confirming ownership of the land, the document can be anything — a contract of sale, an exchange agreement, a donation agreement, a certificate of ownership, other papers that were previously issued by state farms, local administration, etc.;
2. any papers confirming the ownership of the house — receipts for payment of utility bills are also suitable. A technical plan prepared by a cadastral engineer.

There are certain requirements for houses — no more than 20 meters in height and no more than 3 ground floors.

Documents can be submitted independently at the MFC, this is the simplest and most convenient. Sometimes local self-government bodies have nuances regarding the package of documents, but they, as a rule, do not put forward unrealistic requirements.

By the way, heirs can also issue a house under a dacha amnesty. Previously, in order to transfer ownership, people sued to establish the legal status of the site and building, but now it’s enough just to submit these simple package of documents to the MFC and already fully dispose of your own property.

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