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Ministry of Defense on forced detentions of conscripts.

Army of Kazakhstan

Army of Kazakhstan

The Defense Ministry expressed its opinion on conducting operations in relation to citizens subject to conscription, noting that some of them are opposed. The Ministry of Defense reported that videos of arrests and delivery of young people to military registration and enlistment offices are being distributed in the media and social networks. Officials decided to explain the procedure for conscription, which is held twice a year. There are cases when citizens do not show up to the military registration and enlistment offices on time. Many of them do not live at the place of registration and do not report a change of address. According to the law, if the draft list cannot be handed over in person, the police are obliged to ensure the appearance of the conscript. During raids, citizens sometimes refuse to cooperate with the police and resist. The draft board determines the status of the conscripted person. In the absence of grounds for conscription, he is released, and if available, he is sent to a medical commission. There are penalties for draft evasion. Last January, it was announced that 3,000 citizens will be conscripted for military training this year, which is twice as much as last year.

To clarify the procedure for conscription and explain the rights of citizens, the Ministry of Defense conducts information campaigns and consultations. However, despite this, some citizens continue to oppose the conscription process, which complicates its implementation and may affect public safety.

In order to ensure the safety of conscripts and employees of conscription commissions, the authorities conduct raids and events to monitor compliance with the laws on conscription. However, cases of resistance and refusal to cooperate with the police continue to occur, which requires additional measures to ensure public order.

It is important to note that failure to comply with the legislation on conscription can lead to serious penalties, including criminal liability. Therefore, citizens should take the conscription process responsibly and follow the established rules in order to avoid troubles and problems with the law. Effective cooperation with the authorities and compliance with the law will help ensure security and stability in society.

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