Kazakhstan real estate


Real estate in Kazakhstan attracts more and more attention of investors due to the prospects for growth and stability of the market. According to expert communities such as the National Association of Developers and the Real Estate Trend analytical agency, the real estate market in the country continues to develop, offering a wide range of investment opportunities.

Statistical data confirm the attractiveness of the Kazakhstan real estate market. Over the past year, housing prices in the country have increased by 10%, and in large cities such as Almaty and Nur-Sultan, the increase was more than 15%. At the same time, the demand for commercial real estate has also increased significantly, opening up new opportunities for investors.

Let's consider two relevant examples of an investment strategy based on successful real estate objects in Kazakhstan:


Apart-complex «Family City» in Almaty:
Address: 123 Abaya Street.
Purpose: premium residential complex.
Developer: leading construction company «XYZ Group».
Investment strategy: buying an apartment in the primary market with subsequent rental.
Estimated profitability: according to analytical data, the rental rate in the area of this complex is 7-9%, and the demand for premium class in Almaty is steadily growing.
Astana Mall Shopping and Entertainment Center in Nur-Sultan:
Address: 456 Mangilik El Ave.
Purpose: shopping center with entertainment facilities.
Developer: well-known company «ABC Developers».
Investment strategy: acquisition of commercial premises for the purpose of subsequent leasing.


Estimated profitability: Astana Mall is located in the strategically important Nur-Sultan district, attracting a large number of visitors. Rental rates for commercial premises here are about 12-15%, and taking into account the planned development of the area and the increase in the flow of customers, an additional increase in profitability is expected.

Summing up and forecast:

Kazakhstan's real estate market offers investors excellent prospects. The growing demand for housing and commercial real estate, price stability and a favorable investment environment make it attractive for investments. Expert analysts predict continued growth and development of the market in the coming years, especially taking into account infrastructure projects and the construction of important facilities.

Investments in real estate in Kazakhstan offer the opportunity to obtain a stable income, both through the rental of residential and commercial real estate, and through the increase in the value of objects. The favorable economic situation and government support in the field of real estate development contribute to the inflow of investments and increase profitability.

Thus, the investment attractiveness of the real estate market in Kazakhstan is becoming more and more noticeable. Investors can consider objects such as premium apartment complexes in Almaty and shopping centers in Nur-Sultan as promising options for investments. Taking into account the growth of demand and market stability, investments in Kazakh real estate promise good income and long-term prospects for investors.

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