Almaty – Pearl of Kazakhstan


Almaty is a large city in Kazakhstan, which attracts
many tourists from all over the world every year. It is located in a picturesque valley
in the south of the country, at an altitude of more than two kilometers above sea level. This
city covers an area of more than 700 km and is inhabited by almost two million
people, which makes it one of the largest cities in Central
Almaty is the economic, cultural center and
landmark of Kazakhstan. The city is rich in museums, galleries and
other cultural events, restaurants and cafes, markets, shops,
parks and recreation areas. In addition, Almaty is the main
a transport hub for the transportation of passengers and cargo in Kazakhstan and
Central Asia.
One of the main attractions of Almaty is the monument
Renaissance, which was created in 1980 in honor of the 15th anniversary
of the restoration of statehood of Kazakhstan. It is a beautiful and
impressive structure with symbolic meaning. Many tourists
also visit the Green Bazaar, where you can buy Kazakh souvenirs,
medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables. You can
take a walk in Gorky Park, enjoying the unique microclimate.
There are other attractions, such as the National Museum,
Opera and Ballet Theater, Catholic Cathedral, Mosque
Seifullina and a wide selection of hotels and resorts for tourists.
Almaty is also known for its cuisine – most of the local dishes
are unforgettable and have no analogues in other regions of the world. The main
dishes of the city are chebureks, pilaf, manti and kebabs. A rich
selection of restaurants and cafes provides a rich holiday for tourists.

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