Металлопрокат, новый, б/у, лежалый, неликвид Chelyabinsk
0.17 rub
Rolled metal, new, used, stale, illiquid. rolled metal, stale, used wholesale and retail, a large...
Закупаем цветной прокат Novosibirsk
250 rub
We buy non-ferrous rolled metal of stainless alloys, tin alloys, bronze alloys, tungsten alloys,...
Куплю Олово Novosibirsk
333.33 rub
Buy Tin metal powder PO-1 - Buy Tin dioxide SnO2 - Buy Tin powder, Tin grades POE, PO1, PO2, PO3,...
Куплю цинк Novosibirsk
50 rub
We buy zinc powder grades PCR-O, PCR-1, PCR-2, PCR-3, PCR-4, PCR-5, PCR-6, PCR-7 I will buy Zinc...
Куплю Сурьму Novosibirsk
116.67 rub
We buy antimony powder of various grades: - Antimony Su-00 is used to work with tin and lead...
Почтовые ящики Omsk 20
15 photos more
16.78 rub Negotiable
A wide range of mailboxes, loading valves, trash cans and other products
Высокочастотная сварочная линия производства труб Nizhniy Novgorod 2
340 177.60 rub
Nizhniy Novgorod
Chengdu Jin Bin Machinery Plant will do its best to provide you with high quality equipment at a...
Балконные ограждения от производителя. Lobnya 10
5 photos more
107.03 rub
If you decide to buy railings for a balcony or a railing for a porch, stairs, you should know...
Перила по размерам заказчика. Lobnya 10
5 photos more
107.03 rub
The railing is one of the main elements of any staircase, and provides a person with comfort...
Крыльцо на металлокаркасе с деревянным покрытием. Lobnya 5
144.63 rub
Metal stairs with wooden steps on a reliable metal frame - this is a classic! The frame of the...
Продаю трубу 820х9 Novosibirsk
3 529.05 rub Negotiable
Pipe restored 820x9 psh. Excellent quality. Volume.
Прoизвoдcтвo и мoнтaж кoлючих зaгрaждений. Kazan' 5
14.46 rub
Barbed fences and means of protecting the perimeter from unauthorized access at low prices....

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