Concentrated detergent Dicho 1 l 3 400 ₸

Concentrated detergent Dicho 1 l

Created: October 28 2022
new generation cleaner
• Remove dirt from clothes
• Eliminates even stubborn stains from floors and tiles
• Suitable for hard to reach areas
• Does not irritate the skin of the hands
• Economical to use
dazzling cleanliness in the house and saving the family budget!
Concentrated multifunctional detergent Dicho is recommended to be used in everyday life for washing floors, tiles, bathtubs and other surfaces and objects (with the exception of those in contact with food), as well as for hand washing clothes.
– A wide range of applications ensures versatility and high efficiency.
- The concentrated composition gives an extremely economical consumption, which means that the funds will last you for a long time.
– Liquid formula suitable for hard to reach areas.
– Does not contain phosphates, does not harm the environment.
active substances:
deionized water over 30%, surfactants 5-15%, alkaline protease, butyl cellosolve, borax, citric acid, calcium chloride
Created: October 28 2022
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3 400 ₸
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Was online december 2 2022 08:25
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