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Finnish-Russian dictionary (40,000 words

Created: February 16
Address: Almaty, ул. Си Синхай, д. 22, Бостандыкский р-н, Show On Map on the map
Condition: Used 
Finnish-Russian dictionary (about 40,000 words) - Ed. Kukkonen O.V., Lehmus H.I., Lindros I.A., 1955, M., Publishing house of foreign and national dictionaries, 2nd ed., corrected. and additional, hard cover, pages: 672, format: 206 x 134 mm, circulation: 18,000 copies. Condition: good.

This dictionary is the second edition of the Finnish-Russian dictionary compiled by the Research Institute of Culture of the Karelian-Finnish SSR (now the Institute of Language, Literature and History of the Karelian-Finnish Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences) and published by the State Publishing House of Foreign and National Dictionaries, edited by E. P. Laatikainen in 1942

The second edition of the dictionary has been radically revised: obsolete Finnish words and expressions have been eliminated, incorrect and inaccurate translations have been corrected and clarified, the dictionary has been replenished with new words. Finnish dictionaries published in recent years in Finland were used to replenish the vocabulary and clarify translations: Finnish-German Dictionary 1939, Finnish-French Dictionary 1944, Finnish-Swedish-German-English Forestry Dictionary 1944, Finnish-Swedish dictionary of 1951, as well as published in 1951 and 1953. the first two volumes (letters A-K) of the Explanatory Dictionary of Modern Finnish, published in Finland.

The dictionary includes the most commonly used words of modern, relevant socio-political, special, as well as everyday and colloquial vocabulary of the modern Finnish language.

This Finnish-Russian Dictionary is intended to serve as a guide for translating from Finnish into Russian and for learning the Finnish language. For the Finnish reader, the dictionary gives explanations for Russian translations in Finnish (in italics in parentheses), and some grammatical forms of Finnish words are given to help the Russian reader.

The list of geographical names, as well as the list of conventional abbreviations used in Finnish literature, as well as in business practice, are given in separate appendices after the text of the dictionary.

At the end of the dictionary is attached a brief grammatical essay containing the main issues of phonetics, morphology and the necessary tables of sound alternation, declension and conjugation.
Created: February 16
Was online yesterday 13:14
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Was online yesterday 13:14
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