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Elementary! Uninvited Guest

Created: February 12
Address: 4мкрн дом 10а, ТЦ Тигрохауд, 1 этаж, бутик 5, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Show On Map on the map
Condition: New 
Josep Vidal, a young and healthy man, decided to visit his mother at her home. They talked for some time in one of the rooms, but suddenly Josep felt unwell and died. Police and forensic experts who arrived at the scene were unable to immediately determine the cause of death. Maybe you can do this?

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of detective mysteries with the game "Elementary! Uninvited Guest." In this cooperative board game, you become part of a team trying to solve a mysterious crime. Use your analytical skills, study the maps and solve the mystery with your friends.


Co-op Detective Game: Elementary! Uninvited Guest offers an immersive detective experience where every player is important to solving the mystery.
Part of a series of popular quests: The game is part of a famous series of quests, which guarantees a high level of involvement and interest.
Suitable for Single Players or Groups: Whether you're playing solo or with friends, Elementary! The Uninvited Guest provides exciting entertainment.
Who is it suitable for:

Detective and puzzle lovers: The game is ideal for those who love solving riddles and uncovering secrets.
Groups of friends or family: An excellent choice for an evening with friends or family, creating a fascinating atmosphere of a detective investigation.
"Elementary! Uninvited Guest" is an exciting cooperative detective game that will make you feel like real detectives. Work as a team, analyze the evidence and solve the mystery of the crime. Fun moments of detective adventures await you!
Created: February 12
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3 000 ₸
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