What if not Zhiza? Game about memes 7 000 ₸

What if not Zhiza? Game about memes

Created: December 14 2023
Address: 4мкрн. дом 10а, ТЦ Тигрохауд, 1 этаж, бутик 5. Планета игр, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Show On Map on the map
Board game "What if not Zhiza?" is an exciting board game from a Kazakhstani manufacturer, designed for a fun and inspiring pastime with friends and family. This game is designed to bring joy and good laughter to your company.

Game Features:

360 Situation Cards: Players draw one of 360 Situation Cards, which describe various scenarios and situations. These situations become the starting point for fun conversations and activities.
75 Meme Cards: Players have 7 meme cards from a shared deck containing 75 different memes. Their task is to choose the meme that, in their opinion, best suits the situation described.
Funny and unexpected combinations: The game stimulates the creativity and sense of humor of each player. Funny and unexpected combinations of situations and memes create a fun atmosphere.
Tokens: The game host chooses the funniest meme from those proposed by the players and gives the player who proposed this meme a token. The winner is the player who first collects 10 tokens.
Who is it suitable for:

People who appreciate a good laugh and creative entertainment.
Groups of friends and family ready for a fun exploration of funny situations.
Those who want to diversify their evenings with friends with a new and original game.
Board game "What if not Zhiza?" brings joy and smiles, creating unique moments in your company. Appreciate your friends' creativity and humor by playing this addictive game.

Created: December 14 2023
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7 000 ₸
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