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Age of Wonders Planetfall

Created: February 12
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Immerse yourself in the exciting world of space adventures with the board game "Age of Wonders: Planetfall" from Hobbyworld. The heyday of the Star Union is coming to an end, and your task is to lead one of the six forces rising from the ruins and build a new civilization on the devastated planets.

Game Features:

Exciting scenario: Exciting adventures await you in outer space, where you compete with other factions for influence and power.
Simple Rules: The game offers easy-to-learn rules, making it accessible to a wide range of players.
Deep Gameplay: Despite the simplicity of the rules, the game provides many tactical options and strategic decisions.
Diverse Factions: Choose from six factions, each with unique commander abilities, creating varied gameplay scenarios.
Who is it suitable for:

Science fiction lovers: The game will take you to an exciting space world with an interesting scenario.
Strategy Fans: The variety of factions and strategic elements make the game appealing to fans of deep gameplay.
Groups of Friends and Family: The game is designed for competitive and fun moments with loved ones.
"Age of Wonders: Planetfall" is an exciting board game that will give you a unique experience in creating a civilization in a post-apocalyptic galaxy.
Created: February 12
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13 500 ₸
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