plot of land

Талгар участок 8 соток Almaty 11
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2 930 000 ₸
From the owner without intermediaries. No Commission Urgent Bargaining. I sell a land plot,...
Участок 8 соток Almaty
27 000 000 ₸
In md. Kairat for sale Land plot 8 acres The plot is flat, divisible. The land is fertile. The...
Продается участок ! Земельный участок Almaty 2
15 000 000 ₸
Almaty region, Factory village, 25 acres. Call Owner : Fatima - +7 775 599 7582
Продам или обмен земельный участок. Almaty
800 000 ₸
Samsy village is 60 km from Almaty. Exchange for a car or I will consider an option. It is...
Сдам в аренду земельный участок Shymkent 4
150 000 ₸
Rent a land plot of 1 hectare. The Zhanatalap area has all the documents. There are houses...
56 соток! Большой Земельный участок возле г.Макинска! в село Кишкентай 3
7 500 000 ₸
I Will Sell A Large Land Plot Of 56 Acres, A Full Package Of Documents! Land, the site belongs to...
Срочно продам земельный участок Almaty
3 000 000 ₸
I will urgently sell a land plot in the village of Kemertogan, Karasai district. The land plot is...
Земельный участок Almaty 3
40 000 000 ₸
Selling land. The plot is divisible, light, water, gas, in the city, state. act, redeemed, all...
Земельный участок на поселке Райымбек Almaty 3
10 000 000 ₸
A land plot of 7.5 acres is for sale urgently, Urgently selling a plot in the village of...
Сдам на время земельный участок 3 сотки с домиком Бостандык
100 000 ₸
Rent a land plot of 3 acres with a house for a long time Directly opposite there is another plot,...
Продаю земельный участок в Карасайском районе, за пос. Долан Almaty 3
5 500 000 ₸
I sell a land plot for individual housing construction in the Karasay region, located in an...
Земельный участок в с. Даулет Almaty 3
1 100 000 ₸
Selling a land plot of 10 acres, all documents are in order. The plot is flat, near the school,...
Сдам в аренду земельный участок Kokshetau
100 000 ₸
I will rent a land plot for a shop or a hundred, a plot near the zhibek market, there are FBS blocks
Сдам земельный участок
100 000 ₸
Renting out a plot of land in the city. Possible parking, fenced area.
продам земельный участок, Зеренда, Акмолинская область Almaty 3
1 500 000 ₸
Selling a land plot in Zerenda, Akmola region, Lesnoy microdistrict in a pine forest. Great for...
Земельный участок под гараж Нуркен 2
110 000 ₸
Land plot of 24 sq.m. for the construction of a garage, in a garage area near the Regional State...
Земельный участок 10 соток Almaty
33 000 000 ₸
In md. Kairat for sale Land plot 10 acres The plot is flat, divisible. The land is fertile. The...
Продам земельный участок Almaty
1 500 000 ₸
Urgent Selling land in "Veteran-Zarechny" Iliysky district, divisible plot, light, water...
Земельный участок Almaty 3
1 500 000 ₸
Land for sale 8 acres. Bayserke in the dacha array, the plot is flat nearby, houses are being...
Земельный участок Almaty 3
3 500 000 ₸
I Will Sell The Land Plot Of 6 Acres, Divisible For Construction. Very convenient for business,...