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Ферма морепродуктов

Created: March 5 2023
Address: Vladivostok, Russia

Our company will organize a vacation for you in Vladivostok
Boat trips. (saxophone)
Jet skiing.
Helicopter rides.
Balloon rides.
Excursions by bus.
Transfer (car rental with driver).

The cost of this route is from 15,000 rubles.
2000 per person.
(The cost depends on the chosen boat and the selected services).

What are the advantages of this route?
— Visit to the main workshop for the cultivation of aquatic organisms;
— Acquaintance with the technology of artificial breeding of Far Eastern sea cucumbers and bivalves in the conditions of Dalstam-Marine LLC;
— Tasting of seafood grown at the fish breeding site of Dalstam-Marin LLC;
— A short tour of the floating complex of Dalstam-Marin LLC, coastal zone and recreation area for tourists;
— Opportunity to purchase live seafood (sea cucumber, scallop, oyster, mussel) and processed products of our own production.
— A cafe where you can taste delicious seafood dishes.
— A hotel where you can stay.

The cost of a tour of the hydrobiont cultivation workshop is 2,340 rubles.
The price includes delivery of the group to the Base, waiting, and return of the group to Vladivostok.
And so our journey will begin from Vladivostok by boat (you can choose the boat yourself in the “SELECT A BOAT” section).
Map of our trip:

Recreation center Voevoda

Upon arrival at the recreation center, you can visit the cafe and taste seafood delicacies.
Cafe menu:

Mussel in garlic-soy sauce
(mussel, sauce, garlic) 1/450 280 RUR

Mussel in cream sauce 1/350 340 RUR

Five-minute sea cucumber 1/100 550 RUR

Skoblyanka with cucumaria and pork
(cucumaria, pork, scallop, vegetables)
1/400 650 RUR

Skoblyanka with sea cucumber
(trepang, scallop, vegetables) 1/400 1000 RUR

Oyster with lemon 1 piece 100 RUR

Fried scallop
with butter 1/150/10,600 rub.

Scallop on the door 1 piece 100 RUR

Scallop on the sash
baked with rice 1/250/10,470 rub.

Seafood pilaf
(rice, scallop, mussel) 1/300 350 RUR

Ear 1/200/10 150 RUR

Spicy mussel soup 1/250 300 RUR

Scallop in bacon
with sesame 1/180 600 RUR

Photo of the cafe at the Voevoda recreation center

Outdoor gazebo cafe "Voevoda"

Cafe "Voevoda"

Next, you can visit the workshop itself for growing a sea of crops.

Sea clams

Reservoirs with sea crops

Hotel services:
At the recreation center there are two, three, four-bed cozy, comfortable rest rooms, with amenities (toilet, bathroom, TV, refrigerator), a balcony overlooking the sea, as well as two-room Suites. Three, four-bed summer houses made of timber near the sandy beach.

2-bed House in Derevenka 2500 rub.

6-bed Cabin in Derevenka 3000 rub.
4-bed House in Derevenka 3000 rub.
5-bed House in Derevenka 3000 rub.
Luxury room from 5000 rub.
3-seat Superior from 3600 rub.
4-seater Superior from 4200 rub.
5 — seater from 4500 rub.
2 - local Standard from 3000 rub.
3 - local Standard from 3300 rub.
4-seat Standard from RUB 3,800.

Created: March 5 2023
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