Construction of houses

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Строительство домов и проектирование Zhezqazghan
The design firm and its construction team will help you build and document your home. We provide...
Кровельные работы, строительство каркасных домов Almaty 5
We carry out roofing works of any complexity. We are also engaged in the construction of frame...
Строительство домов, коттеджей Almaty 7
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10 000 ₸
House projects. Houses with an attic, one-story houses, two-story houses. Construction of houses,...
Строительство домов из Сип панелей Алматы! Almaty
Construction of houses from SIP panels. Development of a project for self-assembly of houses from...
Строительство домов, коттеджей, дач. Отеген батыра 5
Отеген батыра
YOUR DREAM HOUSE IS REAL! WE TAKE ON 100%_QUESTIONS __ for the construction of "Turnkey"....
Строительство частных домов, коттеджей. Отделка. Реконструкция. Ремонт Karagandy 8
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1 500 000 ₸
Construction of buildings, individual housing construction, cottages, bathhouses, outbuildings,...
Строительство дома, ремонт квартиры Moscow 4
173.56 ₸
Our private team specializes in the repair of apartments, houses, cottages and turnkey office...
Строительство домов и сооружений. Kostanay
Construction of houses and structures: from the foundation to the roof, concrete work,...
Ремонт квартир. Комплексный ремонт под ключ. Строительство домов. Moscow
347.12 ₸
Renovation of apartments. Complete turnkey renovation. Construction works. Finishing work. Repair...
Строительство домов, коттеджей по доступным ценам. Гарантия качества! Almaty 2
Construction of houses, offices, premises and warehouses from "A to Z". From foundation to...
Строительство каркасных домов! Urochishche Talgarbaytuma 8
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Urochishche Talgarbaytuma
We make Construction of Frame Houses/Cottages. - We will also build Garages, Gazebos, Bathhouses,...
Тахеометр нивелир инструмент геодезист строительство домов Astana
14 000 ₸
Total station level instrument surveyor building houses diagonal zero counting volumes
Строительство деревянного дома в Твери Tver
500 000 ₸
Вам не придется обращаться в сторонние организации — мы выполним весь комплекс работ по...
Ремонт и строительство дома от а до я Almaty 5
Layout of the construction of houses and premises. Repair of any complexity from A to Z...
Строительство домов бригада с Узбекистана Taldykorgan
Brigade of builders from Uzbekistan. We build houses, cottages in draft or turnkey.
Строительство частных домов
We build cottage houses on a turnkey basis. Draft cladding with bricks, side roofing
Строительство домов, коттеджей, таунхаусов Almaty 5
The construction company builds houses, cottages, townhouses to order from a polystyrene block, a...
Продажа участка 22 сотки ,под строительство . С домом . Almaty 2
80 000 000 ₸
Two adjacent plots of 11 acres each, in an ecologically clean area, on one plot there is a...
Строительство, Ремонт, Реконструкция, Отделка здания. Строим ПОД КЛЮЧ Karagandy 8
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3 500 000 ₸
We provide a range of services necessary for the construction and arrangement of buildings. We...
Срубы домов. Срубы бань. от 70 000 тенге/м2 Karagandy 8
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Log houses. Bath houses. Etalon Building LLP is a modern, dynamically developing manufacturing...