Музыканты:Дуэт Arco скрипка и виолончель,трио GOOD MOOD, Brillante Astana 4
Contact by what's app +77012994775 Musicians 1. Duet "Arco" will decorate the celebration with...
Скрипка на праздник, саксофон,предложение руки, выписка и др Astana 4
Violin for the holiday. From 10 thousand High level of instrument proficiency. The format of...
Скрипка - живая музыка Almaty 5
Violin music. Highly professional solo and backing track accompaniment. An extensive repertoire...
Музыканты:Саксофон и скрипка. Дуэт Yes Astana
Saxophone and violin. Duet Yes. We play nice. PROFESSIONALLY. Incendiary. Background music....
Реставрация муз инструментов . Домбыра скрипка ?обыз Гитара виолончель Astana 2
5 000 ₸
Restoration of musical instruments. Dombyra violin? obyz Guitar cello double bass and much more....
Продам скрипичные струны. Ust-Kamenogorsk 2
2 500 ₸
Pradam new violin strings made in the USSR, in the package, were not used.
Продам скрипку в отличном состоянии в подарок смычок. Astana 4
50 000 ₸
I will sell a beautiful violin in excellent condition, size 2/4 as a gift a German bow, we sell...
Электроскрипка YAMAHA silent Violin Almaty 4
295 000 ₸
Electric violin made in Japan in excellent condition. Great sound. Leather case as a gift. There...
Продается скрипка Almaty 4
150 000 ₸
YAMAHA 4*4 discount for sale in good condition plus bow landing aero case VICTORY
Объединяю Dj и классические инструменты в live Almaty 4
Hello I combine Dj and classical instruments (Dj + violin) What is your event: wedding birthday...
САКСОФОН, Саксофонист Алматы!!! Almaty 3
Saxophonist Amangeldi ?uanysh. 1. Meeting guests (welcome). 2. Musical accompaniment of banquets....
Организация предложения руки и love story Almaty 3
page on instagram ona_skazala_da_almaty Packages for organizing a marriage proposal: 1) "Economy...
Напольный синтезатор Astana
4 000 ₸
The floor synthesizer is a flexible mat with touch contacts and an electronic control unit. The...
Продаётся акустическая вокальная кабина, музыка, вокал,караоке, Astana 4
180 000 ₸
Acoustic vocal booth for sale Record vocals, playing the dombra, guitar, violins, etc. whenever...
Саксофонист / Живая музыка Almaty 7
2 photos more
Are you planning a wedding?, corporate? Or you do not know how to congratulate your loved one? It...
Наушники планарные, Shuoer S12 Almaty 2
60 000 ₸
Shuoer S12 is a new model, inexpensive planar headphones of the audiophile level. Excellent sound...
Саксофонист Алматы / Саксофон Almaty 8
3 photos more
My name is Valentin, I am a laureate of many international competitions, I have a great...
Новый студийный микрофон ART C1 Almaty 3
90 000 ₸
The condenser microphone features a high-quality, gold-plated diaphragm capsule for detailed...
Электрогитара Aqtobe 8
3 photos more
149 900 ₸
Electric guitar Red electric guitar SCHECTER SGR Large selection of electric guitars From student...
Гитара акустическая черная Aqtobe 8
3 photos more
33 900 ₸
Guitar Black guitar, without cutout 39 size Large selection of guitars From student to concert...