Продам или обмен на Airpods 2-3 Pavlodar 3
49 000 ₸
The best gift for beginners! Selling synthesizer. 61 keys. In excellent condition! This is not a...
Синтезатор оранжировщик Oral
160 000 ₸
A good synthesizer arranger writes any sound. Including orchestra sounds and percussion instruments
Синтезатор Casio Kostanay 8
3 photos more
120 000 ₸
I will sell a synthesizer, new, all questions of interest by phone, we sell as not needed
Синтезатор Medeli M17 Almaty 2
98 000 ₸
Synthesizer Medeli M17 61 keys Selling a synthesizer. PERFECT condition, used for about a month...
Продам korg triton Extreme 61 в отличном состоянии. Almaty 6
1 photo more
200 000 ₸
Pedal installation. Case as a gift. In great condition. The Triton Extreme keyboards are an...
Синтезатор Casio Боралдай 4
70 000 ₸
Synthesizer Casio CT-S100, new, with a guarantee, in the package. Runs on batteries and charger....
Синтетзатор Denn dek604 Astana 3
55 000 ₸
I bought 3 months ago I bought it for my son to learn how to play and eventually abandoned it...
YAMAHA PSR E363 синтезатор 5
75 000 ₸
Digital synthesizer Keys 61, volume (by pressing a key), box included, stand for music books
Синтезатор с русской панелью Yamaha PSR-R300 Karagandy
77 000 ₸
Status of the new instrument. Used only a few times. The Yamaha PSR-R300 synthesizer is an...
MIDI-клавиатура Akai LPK25 Black Almaty 2
15 000 ₸
Got it from a friend and selling as useless. USB/MIDI keyboard
Продается Синтезатор Балыкши 2
40 000 ₸
I sell the ARG synthesizer, suitable for beginners
Продам подставку GEWA stands Astana 2
20 000 ₸
Sell stand GEWA stands for synthesizer, in excellent condition! looks like new)
Продам синтезатор YAMAHA PS-300 Black Astana 5
165 000 ₸
Selling a compact synthesizer YAMAHA PS-300 Black Number of keys 76, Excellent sound, comfortable...
Караоке Микрофоны блютуз Аршалы 4
5 000 ₸
New Karaoke Microphones bluetooth connection! Quality Microphones Clear sound for music A good...
Yamaha MOTIF XS7 Almaty 3
500 000 ₸
Yamaha MOTIF XS7 synthesizer for sale. Good condition. Comes with case, pedal and cord. Only Almaty.
Синтезатор/пианино Бесагаш 3
9 990 ₸
Synthesizer Maike MK-980 is an electronic piano for teaching children and teenagers....
Синтезатор Alesis retical Almaty 2
100 000 ₸
They didn’t play it especially. I’m selling it because it’s just worth it. Digital piano with 88...
Синтезатор Cortland MK-2063 Temirtau
30 000 ₸
In excellent condition, suitable for learning to play the piano, almost new and very beautiful!
Синтезатор [CORTLAND MK-922] Petropavlovsk 3
45 000 ₸
Synthesizer [CORTLAND MK-922] for sale. Never used. 200 timbres 200 rhythms, everything is...
Синтезатор Yamaha Portadle Grang DGX-500 Urochishche Talgarbaytuma 8
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150 000 ₸
Urochishche Talgarbaytuma
Yamaha synthesizer in excellent appearance and condition! The sound is good, mostly not played.