Корм для сoбaк oчeнь крупных пoрoд FITMIN MAXI LIGHT, 15 кг Almaty
38 700 ₸
Кoмплeксный кoрм сo снижeнным сoдeржaниeм энeргии для сoбaк oчeнь крупных пoрoд сырoй прoтeин 24...
Сдам дачу в алге
10 000 ₸
10 acres of land for potatoes who wants to plant. River watering has a summer house. Electricity....
Тележка специализированная ПТИЦЕВОЗ Astana 2
895 ₸
The trolley specialized POULTRY CARRIER is intended for transportation of a bird in farms or...
Сдается ферма в аренду 2
200 000 ₸
I will rent a farm in the Talgar region, near the village of Ali, along the Kapchagai highway....
Сдам в аренду 1 гектар, земля, жер, огород, Aqtobe 2
50 000 ₸
Assalamualikum! Zhal?a beriledi 1 hectare (100 acres) bo?s bar, sh?bterde bar, suy bar, t?ratyn?...
продам дом звоните на указаном номере 10
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6 000 000 ₸
In the village of Glubokoe on Kalinina street, a brick 4-room bright residential building is for...
Сдам в аренду сельскохоз земли 4
500 000 ₸
Non-irrigated flat land in the village of Shamalgan, Yntymak microdistrict, for breeding...
Комбикорм для КРС и мрс Нурмухамеда Есентаева 4
50 000 ₸
Нурмухамеда Есентаева
High-quality compound feed for cattle and small birds, also for poultry. Directly from the...
Участок 8 гектар. 2
50 000 ₸
The land is 8 hectares for agricultural purposes, there is a temporary hut 15kv, unfinished...
Kanáři a jejich kříženci - Walter Wiener Almaty 10
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500 ₸
Delivery from Almaty
Cizokrajní ptáci v klecích. Kanáři a jejich kříženci - Walter Wiener, 1981, Praha, “Státní...
Сдаётся дом на долгосрочную аренду Almaty 8
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100 000 ₸
I rent a house for a long time, a yard for two cars, a paving stone in the yard, a bathroom in...