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Гостевой домик для приема гостей в поселке Саты Almaty 14
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46 000 000 ₸
For sale Guest House for receiving guests in the village of Saty (kolsai, kaiyndy) - one-story...
Магнитные щетки для мытья окон + подарок Almaty 4
17 000 ₸
Cleaning window glass is not a big deal. and this is due not only to the laboriousness of this...
Посуда моющая машинка. Индезит фирма. Состояние нов. Отлично работает. 2
40 000 ₸
Dishwasher for sale urgently. Excellent condition. Delivery no. Not interested in exchange.
Аренда стулья столы прокат скатерти шатры оформление посуда чехлы Almaty 4
Rent and hire tables Round d 180 Rectangular Buffet Zher table low rectangular Zher table round...
Игрушечная посуда для девочки Almaty 8
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3 000 ₸
Toy dishes for a girl 1-5 years old, in excellent condition, a couple of lids are missing, but in...
Классные однушка по абдирова, есть техника и мебель, посуда. Документы Karagandy 3
6 000 ₸
Cool odnushka on Abdirov, there are appliances and furniture, utensils. The apartment has been...
Прокат/Аренда: стулья, столы, посуда.Жер стол (низкий)Газон Оформление Almaty 8
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We bring to your attention, rental: Tables (round, rectangular, buffet, low "zher" table) Chairs...
Интернет-магазин посуды для ресторанов и дома Moscow 5
173.56 ₸
Online store of tableware for restaurants and home Resto Touch makes it easy to buy tableware for...
Детская плита с посудой Astana 6
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1 000 ₸
Children's stove on batteries. In working order. Tableware
Декоративная посуда. Almaty 8
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4 000 ₸
I will sell decorative dishes, vases, jugs, made of ceramics, glass and porcelain, from the times...
Раритет - Посуда советских времен - кувшины и блюдо ручная роспись Almaty 7
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8 000 ₸
A set of souvenir dishes - a jug and a dish of Soviet times, hand-painted. Price for everything -...
KARACA набор столовой посуды Almaty 3
45 000 ₸
1) 36-piece Karaca Home breakfast dinnerware set, number of persons: 6 (45000) 2) Karaca Home...
Продам Шкаф для посуды Semey
15 000 ₸
I will sell a cupboard for dishes, very spacious, length 90, width 44, height 120. Please call...
сервант для посуды + TV тумба Almaty
15 000 ₸
high-quality furniture made in the USSR, sideboard for dishes, glass shelves ... TV stand in the...
Буфет для посуды Zhezqazghan 2
9 000 ₸
Buffet for dishes, made in Romania, used 7000. There is the same one in a package of 20,000.
Куплю фарфоровую лабораторную посуду Novosibirsk
For free
We buy porcelain laboratory chemical glassware in any form! Buechner funnels; pots; mugs; boats;...
Продам тумбу для посуды Almaty 7
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4 500 ₸
I will sell a curbstone for ware or under the TV 4500 tg. In a good condition. Pickup Abay Pravda...
Полки для книг или посуды Shymkent
50 000 ₸
Shelves for books or utensils made in Czechoslovakia, glass opening on 2 sides glossy finish 10...
Продам горку для посуды Kokshetau
10 000 ₸
I will sell a slide for dishes, at the bottom there is a chest of drawers Belarusian furniture,...
Стенка для ТВ, и стенка для хранения одежды, посуды и книг Makinsk 3
120 000 ₸
I will sell a wall for TV and a wall consisting of sections for dishes, books, clothes, and a...