Yoga classes in Novorossiysk 3 200 rub

Yoga classes in Novorossiysk

Created: November 21 2022
Address: улица Советов, 24А, Novorossiysk, Russia, Show On Map on the map
Yoga is an effective and productive way of life, the art of being happy in any circumstances.

Yoga Studio OM invites beginners to yoga classes in Novorossiysk.
Classes are built according to the principle from simple to complex:

- Stretching, development of flexibility;
- Correct approach to the spine;
- Restoring and maintaining a healthy weight level;
- Breathing practice;

Yoga classes are held in the center of Novorossiysk, in a beautiful hall with natural light.
- Small groups up to 10 students;
- Attentive attitude to everyone;
- In our studio, people with any physical fitness, weight and age can practice.
- Affordable price
Created: November 21 2022
Студия Танцев Кокетка
Was online february 26 18:48
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3 200 rub
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Студия Танцев Кокетка
Was online february 26 18:48
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