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Отбойный молоток. Пневматический молоток Karagandy 2
30 000 ₸
MO-2B jackhammer is a modern and most popular type of pneumatic jackhammer, which has a built-in...
Продаю молоток слесарный фирмы Stayer Karagandy 6
1 photo more
4 000 ₸
I am selling a metalwork hammer with a fiberglass handle (20050-20 z01) from STAYER Fiberglass,...
Продам большой молоток Rudnyy 2
2 000 ₸
Selling a big hammer Weight - 1.5kg Price 2000 tenge Selling a big hammer Weight - 1.5kg Price...
Молоток советский,две штуки Almaty 3
1 000 ₸
Soviet hammer, durable metal, the second smallest, I will sell for 1 thousand tenge .... urgently...
отбойный молоток alteco Karagandy
60 000 ₸
Selling a jackhammer, good condition, write here or call the specified number
Отбойный Молоток пневматический Oral 4
28 000 ₸
I will sell a new pneumatic jackhammer in a package made in Russia for all questions, call
Молоток медный от 0, 250кг до 2кг Novosibirsk 10
5 photos more
505.75 ₸ Negotiable
You can always buy spark-proof copper hammers from the TsvetMetInstrument company at the most...
Продам отбойный молоток. Shymkent 5
135 000 ₸
I will sell a jackhammer. ALTECO. New, never been used. Very powerful. I have a passport. In a...
отбойный молоток makita Qaskeleng 2
200 000 ₸
Makita jackhammer brand new in box. Producer Japan, complete grease, drill.
Молоток железный Aqtobe
1 000 ₸
Selling a solid iron hammer in excellent condition. Unfortunately the photo is not loading....
Молоток Matrix 100г. Фибергласовая рукоять. Almaty
8 000 ₸
Locksmith's hammer 100g. Fiberglass handle two-component handle, metal striker. Matrix company....
Продам молоток в отличном состоянии Kostanay 3
1 000 ₸
Sell hammers in excellent condition Hammer chisels 1500tng, the rest of the 1000tng. per piece....
Молоток аварийный для разбивания стекла с лезвием для резки ремня. Almaty 2
1 500 ₸
Emergency hammer for breaking glass with a blade for cutting the belt. Built-in flashlight. New.
Продам ручной молоток Kostanay 2
1 200 ₸
Selling a hammer. In a good condition. Made in the USSR, excellent quality. Call me, I rarely...
Продам пневмо молоток Astana 7
2 photos more
100 000 ₸
I will sell a pneumatic jackhammer (professional) additional characteristics on a photo,!
Пневматический отбойный молоток Karagandy 4
35 000 ₸
Pneumatic jackhammer. New
Продам пневматический отбойный молоток
160 000 ₸
I will sell a new powerful pneumatic jackhammer, we will also consider other rental options!
Пневмо молоток отбойный Kostanay 3
20 000 ₸
I will sell a jackhammer (pneumatic) in excellent condition, the new peak was not used at all
Отбойный молоток пневматический Pavlodar 2
27 000 ₸
The new Pneumatic Hammer is designed for the destruction of concrete foundations, airfield...
Отбойный молоток Oral
20 000 ₸
Large air jackhammer. MADE IN USSR . . .