National parks in Kazakhstan

04/30/2023 04:10

Kazakhstan is famous for its picturesque landscapes and unique
biodiversity. The country has more than 10 national parks,
which represent real natural treasures. They
are popular places for tourists and nature lovers, and
are also of interest to scientists and environmentalists from all over the world.
Unique natural objects
In the national parks of Kazakhstan, you can see unique flora and
fauna, as well as various natural objects. For example, A Nature Reserve
Borovoye is known for its stone forests and lakes, which
they are able to change color depending on the lighting. National Park
Akkol, located in the southern regions of the country, includes
several nature reserves where you can meet rare species
of animals, such as argali sheep, Kazakh tur and others.
Katon-Karagai National Park is famous for its picturesque
mountains, waterfalls and rivers, which attract fans
of extreme tourism.
Interesting places to visit
Among the most accessible and interesting places to visit is
the Alatau-Torgai National Park. It is located in the mountains
Tien Shan Yi offers various hiking and
trekking routes. The Burabai Nature Reserve is the most popular
national park in Kazakhstan and offers many
outdoor activities such as boating, cycling
and horse riding. Charyn Canyon National Park is known for its
beautiful canyons and gorges, and also offers the opportunity for
helicopter jumps.
Summing up the results
The national parks of Kazakhstan are a real
a treasure trove of nature and are popular places for tourists
and nature lovers. In them you can see unique natural
objects, a variety of flora and fauna, as well as spend time in
active recreation. Each national park offers its
own features that are worth seeing to appreciate the beauty
of the nature of Kazakhstan.

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