Jaguar is discovering its future.


We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Jaguar has announced the release of its
first electric car of the new era, as well as the plans of the entire concern. We
are waiting for a lot of changes and even more news.
It was a turn that no one expected. The new version of the platform
used by the Jaguar I-Pace was supposed to be the basis for the XJ. The car
not only hit the road, but was almost ready for the premiere.
Disguised copies often fell into the lenses of photographers and
foreshadowed an interesting and attractive electric car.
Meanwhile, Jaguar at the last moment curtailed this project and killed him.
The new XJ ended up in the brand's warehouses, and all development resources were
redirected to a completely new project, which was created under
the leadership of Thierry Bollore.
Now we can finally find out its details. So far, all
we knew was that Jaguar wanted to play the long game, and its goal was
to keep up with Bentley. Will it work? Judge for yourself.
JLR is no longer a Jaguar Land Rover, it's simple… JLR
Changes begin at every level, including the separation of brands.
In 2025, the concern will adopt the official name JLR, as well as by-
the other will share the whole family of cars.
Let's start with the Land Rover. There will be a big revolution here, because
Defender, Discovery and Range Rover will become de facto sub-brands. Name of Land
Rover will not be used so widely and will remain only the name
of the manufacturer.
Jaguar, on the other hand, will focus on achieving its goal, that
is, chasing Bentley. It will take many years, but the foundations of success are already
being laid.
The first Jaguar model of the new era will be an electric four
-door coupe.
The key to success will be the JEA platform, which was developed from scratch
after the closure of the project of the future Jaguar XJ. According to the brand's promises,
under the impressive and visually bold body we will find one of
the most modern designs on the market.
The power reserve here will reach 700 kilometers, and prices will
start at the level of 115,000 euros, which is about 10,350,000 rubles.
Ultimately, with subsequent cars, this amount will
increase until it equals the level presented by Bentley.
Land Rover will soon also show its electric vehicles
Here, next to the MLA platform, a new EMA structure will also appear.
It will become the base for electric SUVs. The British
are preparing a whole line of such machines, and we will see the first of them in
At the same time, a new electric Jaguar will also appear. So you should
be patient. The British brand showed a small trailer
showing huge changes in design. The new «cat» will
be very angular.

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