Квартиры без мебели

Квартиры в центре города 2 х комнатная Atyrau 3
12 000 ₸
Clean cozy apartment in the city center, everything is furnished, the apartment is odorless...
Сдаётся двухкомнатная квартира 23 мкр Ust-Kamenogorsk 4
80 000 ₸
Rent urgently two-room apartment. Rent a family without bad habits! The apartment is fully...
Квартира в центре. Stepnogorskoye 6
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7 500 000 ₸
I will sell a 2-room apartment in the city center, total area 44.90, living area 38.80 Floor 4...
сдам двухкомнатную квартиру Rudnyy 4
65 000 ₸
a two-room apartment for rent in the city center for long-term rent for decent and responsible...
Продается 3-х комнатная квартира ЖК Шыгыс Astana 20
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33 000 000 ₸
For sale 3-room apartment in the residential complex "Shygys", with a total area of 70.00 sq.m....
сдам однокомнатную квартиру Zhezqazghan 3
60 000 ₸
a one-room apartment in the city center is rented for long-term rent, fully furnished and...
Сдаётся двухкомнатная квартира на длительный срок Чапаево 6
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55 000 ₸
Rent a two-room apartment for a long time. The apartment is located in Maikuduk. On the 16th...
В городе Нур-султан сдаётся в аренду 2х комнатная квартира Акбулак
100 000 ₸
2-room apartment, empty, unfurnished. City Nur-sultan Pr-kt?
Продам квартиру Ust-Kamenogorsk 7
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13 300 000 ₸
Polutorka Ksht district, Kazybek bi avenue 30, the apartment is bright, warm, not angular after...
Мебельщик, Услуги Сборки и разборки мебели, ремонт мебели Ust-Kamenogorsk 8
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Hello! I will dismantle, assemble and install your furniture, quickly and efficiently. My rates...
Сдам 2-х комнатную квартиру Ust-Kamenogorsk
80 000 ₸
Rent a 2-room apartment without furniture. The apartment is located on Satpayev Avenue 55/7. The...
Продам 2-комнатную квартиру в ЖК NEXPO CITY Astana
30 000 000 ₸
Plastic Windows, Not Angular, Quiet Courtyard. Plastic windows, not angular, improved. Nexpo City...
Аренда квартиры на долгий срок Taraz
50 000 ₸
Saltanat microdistrict (4), house 28, near school 30, 3 kindergartens, a clinic, a market,...
Аренда квартиры на длительный срок Ust-Kamenogorsk
60 000 ₸
Rent 1.5 for a long time area Reinforcing plant, family. The apartment is empty without furniture
Сдам в аренду 2 комн квартиру Almaty 4
160 000 ₸
I will rent a 2-room apartment, unfurnished, 63m2, rooms are isolated. AREA Metro, Nurly Zhol,...
Сдам квартиру 2 х комнатную Мичуринское 4
80 000 ₸
Rent a 2-room apartment. Ksk area. Without furniture. 3rd floor. Warm. Near school kindergarten
Уборка квартир, химчистка мебели, сухой туман Almaty
Cleaning of apartments, houses, offices, cafes, premises. General cleaning, wet cleaning,...
Клининг квартир, сухой туман, химчистка мебели Almaty
High-quality cleaning of apartments, houses, offices, cafes, premises. General cleaning Wet...
Клининг квартир, домов, сухой туман, химчистка мебели Almaty
Cleaning of apartments, houses, offices, cafes, premises. General cleaning, wet cleaning,...
Сдаётся двухкомнатная квартира в хорошем состоянии можно без мебели Ust-Kamenogorsk 6
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70 000 ₸
Odorless, free of any insects, not stoned. For rent two-room apartment in good condition with its...