Mixture:Russians against lizards.Board game 2 700 ₸

Mixture:Russians against lizards.Board game

Created: March 29
Address: 4мкрн дом 10а, ТЦ Тигрохауд, 1 этаж, бутик 5,, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Show On Map on the map
Condition: New 
Game duration:
45 to 45 minutes
Number of players:
2-4 people
12+Age restrictions:
12 years and older

In this box you will find two new factions for the Kneading - the legendary Rus and the formidable lizards. Add them to the basic batch, drink some Baikal water - and let's go! With new actions and bases, you can take over Hyperborea, hit the Slavic egg clamp and much more. In the name of Tyranoslav the Wise!

Note! This is not a standalone game, but an add-on. It is combined with any Batch and with other additions to it. Cthulhu against the Russians or grannies against lizards? Easily!

44 cards
Addition rules

Box size: 65x130x20 mm
Card size: 63x89 mm 44 pcs
Created: March 29
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2 700 ₸
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Was online yesterday 13:15
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