Freezer cabinet POLAIR CB107-S St series 619 200 ₸

Freezer cabinet POLAIR CB107-S St series

Created: May 15
Freezer cabinet POLAIR CB107-S St series Almaty - photo 1
Freezer cabinet POLAIR CB107-S St series Almaty - photo 2
Address: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Freezer cabinet POLAIR CB107-S Standard series.
Characteristics and description
additional characteristics
Table top material
Stainless steel
Furniture type
Table type
Table design
Shelf type

Main characteristics
Temperature -18 °C
Volume 700 l
Dynamic cooling system
Version solid doors
Voltage 220 V
Power consumption from 0.4 to 0.55 kW
Width 735 mm
Depth 960 mm
Height 2064 mm
Weight (without packaging) 125 kg
Width (packed) 850 mm
Depth (packed) 988 mm
Height (packed) 2160 mm
Weight (with packaging) 149 kg
White color
Country of origin: Russia
The POLAIR CB107-S Standard series freezer is designed for display and storage of products in catering and retail establishments. The all-fill body is made of steel with a polymer coating and ensures mechanical strength and durability of the cabinet. The equipment is designed to operate at ambient temperatures up to 40 °C and relative air humidity up to 80%.
Currently, the plant uses adjustable legs to ensure the height of POLAIR medium-temperature refrigerated cabinets - 1960 mm and low-temperature ones - 1996 mm. This feature does not affect the performance properties of POLAIR refrigerated cabinets. Due to the use of height-adjustable legs from different manufacturers, the overall height of refrigerated cabinets can vary as follows: for medium-temperature cabinets with a volume of 500, 700, 1000 and 1400 liters, the height is 2028 mm or 1960 mm, for low-temperature cabinets - 2064 mm or 1996 mm.
Automatic defrosting of the evaporator, using heating elements, with a condensate evaporation system
Thermostat: electronic unit
Top position of the unit
Refrigerant: R404a
Liquid crystal display
Schrader valve
Compensating valve with PEN heating
PEN heating condensate drain tube
PEN doorway heating
Swing door type
Elastic seals with magnetic inserts for maximum sealing
Interior lighting
Height adjustment of legs
Additional characteristics:
Electricity consumption: 12 kW/h x day
Number of shelves: 4
Permissible load per shelf: 40 kg
Shelf size: GN 2/1 (530x650 mm)
Case wall thickness: 61 mm
Packaging volume: 1.84 m3.
619,200 tenge.
Shipping throughout Kazakhstan!
Created: May 15
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619 200 ₸
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