Identification: Critical error 2 000 ₸

Identification: Critical error

Created: March 29
Address: 4мкрн дом 10а, ТЦ Тигрохауд, 1 этаж, бутик 5, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Show On Map on the map
Condition: New 
Game duration:
45 to 45 minutes
Number of players:
1-6 people
18+Age restrictions:
18 years and older

It's a typical day at the police station: you're called to investigate a possible murder. A young woman was found dead in her apartment, and your colleagues were ready to close the case... but there are too many suspicious details, and the testimony of witnesses does not add up to a single picture. Will you be able to compare the most insignificant evidence, sweep away false traces and convict the criminal?

Identification is a series of desktop detectives in which your main assistant will be the detective board. A unique interrogation technique and independent choice of the course of the investigation await you - everything for the most sophisticated detective!

27 cards
Box size: 92x160x13 mm
Card size: 79x120 mm - 27 pcs
Created: March 29
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2 000 ₸
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Was online today 13:15
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