Классическая гитара ямаха c40 yamaha c40 Aqtobe 4
43 000 ₸
Classical guitar yamaha c40 yamaha c40 A child learned to play Perfect condition Case and pickup...
гитары в ассортименте Karagandy 4
18 000 ₸
The range includes classical, acoustic and electric guitars. From 18000 and above. Possible...
СРОЧНО Продам Гитара
15 000 ₸
Selling acoustic guitar. Six-string. In good condition. Price 15000 tenge.
Рассрочка Каспи RED а?шасын шы?арып беремиз тез ари жылдам Shymkent
8 000 ₸
RED installment plan a?sha shy?aryp bermiz mez ?ri zhyldam Vatsap 87781843770 habarlasynyzdar
Продам гитару (новая) Бесагаш 6
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25 000 ₸
Selling my guitar! Used 1 week. Comes with case, string. Call, write 24/7
Гитара с колонкой Karagandy 8
3 photos more
400 000 ₸
Acoustic guitar Fender CD-140SCE with a built-in piezo pickup and connection to an amplifier is...
Гитара с чехлом YAMAHA Almaty 4
35 000 ₸
Selling guitar with case, selling because I don't use it. For any questions contact WhatsApp
ГИТАРЫ Распродажа. Акустические. Классические Astana
24 990 ₸
Address: m-n Samal 8, kv17 We work from 10.00 to 22.00 Every day. SHOP AT HOME. Prices from 25 to...
Срочно. Гитара акустическая Yamaha C-45 Жарсуат 5
35 000 ₸
Brand new acoustic guitar in box. Bought in January at Technodom, played several times. Sounds...
Укулеле сопрано. Almaty 2
10 000 ₸
Soprano, ukulele in excellent condition, good wood, spare strings included, matte black back,...
Акустическая гитара Ekibastuz 2
17 000 ₸
I will sell an acoustic guitar for 17k + capo for free, the guitar is in good condition, only...
Гитара акустическая Astana 6
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20 000 ₸
Guitar Amistar in excellent condition in a case. 6 metal strings.
Продам Гитара FS800 Shymkent 5
130 000 ₸
I will sell a guitar in perfect condition, new, not a single scratch, I will give way to a real...
Продам акустическую гитару Yamaha f310 Акбулак 3
40 000 ₸
Yamaha f310 acoustic guitar for sale in excellent condition, urgently call 87474540472
Свежие поступления гитары, АКЦИЯ Kyzylorda 8
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20 000 ₸
NEW ARRIVAL OF GUITAR IN A HUGE RANGE Acoustic Electro-acoustic Classical Concert Ukuleles Prices...
Акустическая гитара Almaty 2
25 000 ₸
I will sell an acoustic guitar. I used it myself, the guitar is good. I sell it with a case. The...
Срочно... Гитара + чехол , очень хорошем состояний. Aqtau 6
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65 000 ₸
Guitar + case, very good condition. Bought recently. Price for 65 000tg. Tel. 87081095729 whatsapp
Гитара Cort 5
45 000 ₸
The guitar is in good condition, everything works well, it sounds good, only one minus can be...
Национальные уйгурские музыкальные инструменты Almaty 4
200 000 ₸
The national Uyghur instrument Rawap is for sale completely made by hand by a professional
Гитара акустическая Kapshagay 2
25 000 ₸
Guitar 6 string Condition: perfect Price 25K negotiable Sounds good Price is negotiable