1. Duplicate ads.
On the site, duplication of ads is strictly prohibited. Duplication does not help sell the product faster, and moreover: it becomes more difficult for sellers to sell, and buyers have to spend a lot of time searching for the right offer in the list of duplicate listings. If duplicate ads are found, they will be removed immediately.
2. Title.
The title of the ad should be a short, informative and attractive name of the offered product. The headline is the first thing a potential buyer pays attention to. Try to keep it precise and concise (maximum number of characters: 30). The following is not allowed in the title: - capital letters in all or individual words (except for abbreviations); - contact information (city, phone number, email address, website address); - non-alphabetic characters (*^@), as well as many exclamation marks (!!!!! ) or question marks (????) - a set of repeated keywords and phrases.
3. Rubric.
Choose a Category that matches the content of your ad as much as possible - this increases its chances of being found by potential customers. 3. Description The text of the announcement is accepted only in Russian, in some cases English is allowed. The description must fully correspond to the title and the proposed product. Write important details of the item being sold Please note: it is forbidden to indicate any contact information in the description: phone number, email address, Skype, ICQ. You will receive a message from a potential buyer via chat and will be able to discuss all the details of the transaction, for this reason, a phone number is not allowed in the description.
4. Photo.
Add photos created by yourself that showcase your product as much as possible. It is on the first photo that a potential buyer draws attention in the list of all offers. A client who sees a high-quality, clear image of a product will be much more interested in your offer than a similar one, but without a photo. The photo showing the product must match the title and text of the ad. The photo should only show the proposed object. It is forbidden to add photos of poor quality, in which the depicted object is indistinguishable. Also, photos of erotic or pornographic content are prohibited. It is forbidden to indicate any contact information on the photo (link to the site, e-mail, phone number, Skype, ICQ, ID in social networks, ID of other messengers and the like, as well as logos of competing services). All stock photos copied from the Internet or scanned from catalogs, that is, not related to the actual item being sold, are not eligible for ads.
5. Email address.
Your email address is the user's login to the personal My Profile account. Only one account is available per user. Accounts whose technical analysis reveals that they belong to the same author are identified by the system as duplicates and are suspended or blocked automatically. The User is prohibited from transferring/renting the account (the information required to access the account) for rent or sale to third parties.

6. It is forbidden to place weapons of any kind.
7. Prohibited ads of a sexual nature.
8. The publication of nicotine-containing products is prohibited.
For all additional questions and suggestions, please contact the Site Administration in the "Support" section.