Terms of use.

Welcome to NATUMBE, an ad service that brings sellers and buyers together.

The terms of use of NATUMBE (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") govern the relationship between I.P "Korchuganov D.V" (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and Internet users who have accessed NATUMBE (hereinafter referred to as "users", "you").

You may use NATUMBE in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and the NATUMBE User Data Processing and Security Policy. If you do not agree with them, you must stop using NATUMBE.

1.What is NATUMBE

NATUMBE is an Internet site accessible at NATUMBE (including all domain levels) through the full and mobile versions and a mobile application, which is a collection of the Company’s intellectual property objects and information (administrative and user content) contained in the information system (according to the text of the Terms — "NATUMBE").

NATUMBE is an electronic catalog of advertisements for goods, services, vacancies and other offers (collectively, "products") that users can offer and search on NATUMBE for the purpose of concluding transactions.

The company provides authorized users with the technical ability to post information on NATUMBE in the prescribed ad format in accordance with the presented product categories. The Company provides all users (regardless of authorization) with the technical ability to search and view ads on NATUMBE for the purposes provided for in these Terms. Automatic NATUMBE algorithms process requests to provide relevant information in search results.

The Company is not a participant, organizer of the transaction, buyer, seller, employer, intermediary, agent, representative of any user, beneficiary or other interested person in relation to transactions between users. Users use the information posted on NATUMBE to enter into transactions at their own risk and without direct or indirect participation or control by the Company.

2. Registration on NATUMBE

You can register on NATUMBE using your mobile phone number or through your social network profile presented in the NATUMBE login form. After registration, we will create your unique profile. At the same time, there can be only one profile on NATUMBE associated with a specific phone number.

If you register for NATUMBE through a social network, certain features will be restricted for you. To access all the features of the service, you must specify a phone number in your profile. In order to perform certain activities on NATUMBE, you must provide the Company with your email address.

By registering for NATUMBE, you warrant that you have all the rights and authority necessary to enforce these Terms.

3. Login (authorization) on NATUMBE

You can log in to your NATUMBE profile (log in) either using the mobile phone number/email address specified in your profile, or using the social network associated with your profile (hereinafter referred to as “login data”). In the first case, you enter the password you created earlier, in the second, you must first log in to the corresponding social network.

It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality and security of your NATUMBE login details. If you have reason to believe that someone has gained unauthorized access to them, please notify us immediately. Otherwise, all actions performed on NATUMBE by a person authorized using your login details will be considered as performed by you. You will be responsible for such actions.

4. Information about users

The information that you provide to the Company about yourself must be reliable, up-to-date and must not violate the law and the rights of third parties. You are obliged to update them in your NATUMBE profile as necessary.

We may at any time request documents or information from the user to identify, confirm the accuracy of the information provided or your authority. If the user cannot provide them, we have the right to restrict access to his profile.

We cannot guarantee that all information that users provide to NATUMBE is true and that each user is really who he claims to be. Be careful when making transactions and choosing the side of the transaction.

The company has the right to hide the phone number in the ad and provide the user with the ability to forward calls from a fake phone number. The Company bears the costs associated with call forwarding and reserves the right to determine call forwarding settings, in particular the maximum number of calls allowed in a certain period of time for all users or for certain groups of users.

We do not provide third parties with information about users and their content that is not publicly available, except as required by law (for example, at the request of some government agencies). However, we cannot be held responsible for third party misconduct with respect to your contact details and other information that you have made public.

We analyze your use of NATUMBE to improve our services, including to help you measure the quality and performance of NATUMBE services using statistical data.

5. User Content

You are the owner of the information that you place on NATUMBE in ads (including images, photos, description of the product in the ad, product details, user contact information and other elements), public profile and reviews (hereinafter referred to as "User Content").

The Company does not act as a distributor of user-generated content. You create, edit, post and make public user content on NATUMBE without any involvement or approval from the Company. You are obliged to independently ensure its full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, these Terms and the Rules for placing ads.

NATUMBE does not censor user-generated content. We take action to protect rights and ensure compliance with legal requirements only on the basis of the request of authorized persons in the prescribed manner.

The purpose for which users post user-generated content in the public profile and in ads is to contact potential buyers who are looking for products on NATUMBE in order to close a deal in relation to the product offered by the user in the ad. It is forbidden to collect, extract, record, systematize, use, transfer, distribute, copy, reproduce and perform any other actions in relation to user content, including contact details of sellers (including using automatic information processing tools) for purposes not provided for in these Terms . It is not allowed to use the contact details of NATUMBE users for purposes not provided for by these Terms, including for the provision of any commercial, marketing and other irrelevant offers that do not correspond to the purposes of their placement on NATUMBE.

6. Messaging between users

Authorized users can use messages to discuss products and deals. You must not use the messages for any other purpose.

Correspondence of users in messages is not personal. We may selectively review user communications in order to enforce our rights and obligations under the Terms.

7. Communication with users

We can guide you:

system notifications that cannot be unsubscribed from (for example, to confirm registration on NATUMBE, to inform about actions within individual NATUMBE services or to restrict access to a profile or ads);
service alerts related to your activities on NATUMBE (for example, about receiving a message from another user, personalized collections of ads of interest);

We may send you messages in the notification center in your profile, to the email address or phone number specified in your profile, to your device in the form of push notifications, and also in messages on NATUMBE. In some cases, we may also contact you by telephone.

You can manage the receipt of marketing news and offers, as well as some service alerts, in your profile settings. Depending on the device you are using, the functionality of the settings may vary.

8. Deleting a profile on NATUMBE

You have the right to delete your profile on NATUMBE at any time by contacting the support service. Within 30 days from the date of deleting the profile on your initiative, you will not be able to use the same mobile phone number that was indicated in the deleted profile for a new registration on NATUMBE.

We will delete your NATUMBE profile if you do not use it once within three years.

9. Other obligations of users

By using NATUMBE and interacting with the Company, you also agree to:

strictly comply with all legal requirements;
comply with the NATUMBE Terms of Use, the Ad Posting Rules, as well as other NATUMBE rules and instructions from the Company;
not use the functionality of NATUMBE or the information posted on NATUMBE for purposes not provided for by these Terms;
not to use NATUMBE or contact details received on NATUMBE for spam mailings;
do not indicate on NATUMBE contact telephone numbers, the cost of calls to which exceeds the standard rate for an outgoing telephone call provided by the caller's operator;
do not use automated scripts (programs, bots, crawlers) to collect information on NATUMBE or otherwise interact with the site without the permission of the Company;
do not post, direct or otherwise use obscene language, erotic, vulgar or offensive images and texts, information and statements that contain threats, provoke cruelty, hatred, disrespect or may lead to illegal actions, as well as other information and other statements that do not comply with moral standards and business practice;
not use, without the permission of the Company, software tools to access NATUMBE, view or post ads, bypassing the normal procedure for using NATUMBE;
not upload, store, distribute or otherwise use viruses or other malicious programs on NATUMBE;
not take actions that could lead to a disproportionately large load on the NATUMBE infrastructure, restrict access to NATUMBE, or otherwise interfere with the normal operation of the site.
10. Violations and consequences

We strive to make NATUMBE a user-friendly and secure tool, so we reserve the right to randomly check that users comply with the NATUMBE Terms of Use at any time and at our sole discretion. We also use automated systems and methods to more effectively identify possible abuses of NATUMBE.

If we have reason to believe that the use of your NATUMBE profile or other technical means has violated or may violate the law, the rights of third parties or these Terms, we may restrict access to your profile temporarily or permanently, reject or block your ads or reviews, and also suspend or restrict your access to certain NATUMBE functionality. We also have the right to restrict access to NATUMBE from a specific IP address or phone number or range of IP addresses or phone numbers (for example, due to a DDoS attack or unauthorized use of software tools to perform actions on NATUMBE).

We have the right to restrict and restore access to the profile, as well as determine the conditions for such restoration at our discretion and without explaining the reasons. If access to a profile is restricted by the decision of the Company, you will not be able to use the phone numbers specified in this profile to create a new profile on NATUMBE.

We are not responsible for possible losses caused to users in connection with the adoption of measures to prevent and stop violations on NATUMBE. We recommend that you keep a backup copy of your User Content on your device.

For violation of the law or the rights of third parties when using NATUMBE, you may be subject to administrative, criminal or civil liability.

The company and its representatives are not liable to users or to any third parties for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage, including lost profits or lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation caused in connection with the use of NATUMBE

11. Final provisions

Sections 2, 3, 6 - 8 of the Terms apply to users registered on NATUMBE. All other provisions apply to all NATUMBE users, regardless of registration and authorization. Any form of interaction with NATUMBE (including viewing the information posted on it) confirms your acceptance of the Terms. The Company's obligation to provide access to the NATUMBE functionality is counter to your obligation to comply with the Terms. When there is no charge for the use of NATUMBE, consumer protection laws do not apply to the relationship between the Company and users. The provision of certain NATUMBE functionality may be subject to specific terms and conditions.

The functionality of NATUMBE may be changed, supplemented or terminated at any time without prior notice to users. The use of NATUMBE is offered "as is", that is, in the form and to the extent that the Company provides the functionality of NATUMBE at the time of accessing them. We are not responsible for temporary failures and interruptions in the operation of NATUMBE and the sweat caused by them.